The One Pair Of Hoop Earrings Kylie Jenner & Shay Mitchell Love

Statement earrings are making a comeback. From ornate beaded tassel earrings to thick hoops, the current earring trend is anything but dainty. If you need further evidence of this trend, just look at the earrings worn by Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Vanessa Hudgens — specifically a pair of thick gold hoops from Adornmonde.

Unlike most pieces of jewelry worn by celebs, which are often made from millions of dollars of precious metal and diamonds, the Adornmonde hoops that have found their way into the jewelry boxes of Jenner, Mitchell and Hudgens, are actually rather affordable, at least by celebrity standards. The Adornmonde Jazson Gold Oversized Hoop earrings cost $78, which isn't too bad if you think about how often you'll be able to wear these earrings and then calculate the cost per wear. And with a pair of earrings this classic, you should be able to wear them over and over again.

Jazson Gold Oversized Hoop Earrings, $78, Adornmonde

Whether you're looking for a pair of every day hoops, i.e. Vanessa Hudgens, who wore her's while doing a face mask, a pair of hoops to add a little sex appeal to any outfit, à la Kylie Jenner, or if you're simply looking for one pair of earrings that will look good with all of your vacation ensembles, like Shay Mitchell, these Adornmonde hoops are the perfect option.

They are really quite versatile.

They're perfect.

You can buy the Adornmonde Jazcon Oversized Gold hoops on

If these earrings are a little out of your price range, here are a few additional options for you to shop.

These Hoops From Urban Outfitters

Chunky Hoop Earring, $16, Urban Outfitters

These hoop earrings are a little smaller than the Adornmonde ones, but equally as cute.

This Pair From Forever 21

Thick Hoop Earrings, $5, Forever 21

If you'll only wear statement hoops like this a few times, these are definitely a good option.

This Silver Pair From ASOS

DesignB London Tube Hoop Earrings, $13, ASOS

Because gold isn't everyone's color of choice.

This Statement Pair From H&M

Large Earrings, $20, H&M

A little different than the Adornmonde ones, but in a good way.