The One Solar Eclipse Photo You NEED To See

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Everyone, and I mean everyone, ventured outside today to see what the 2017 solar eclipse was all about. The shadow of the moon obscured the sun during a rare celestial event visible to almost everyone in the United States. The one photo you need to see from the solar eclipse shows President Donald Trump, who has allegedly denied the existence of science, looking directly into the sun moments before the eclipse.

Allan Smith reported for Business Insider that, "Trump took in the solar eclipse from the Truman Balcony of the White House on Monday, even briefly glancing at the sun directly despite a shouted warning from an aide."

Apparently Trump has not been busy doing his research about how staring directly into the sun can permanently damage your retinas, and while he did put on his eclipse glasses eventually, and even seemed impressed by the moon's ability to obscure the sun, it's likely too soon to tell if his glance into the awesome ball of fire will affect his eyes.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you don't believe in science, perhaps warnings about burning your eyeballs are brushed off. But, science is real, and today's events prove it. Scientists even predicted the visibility of today's eclipse back in 1932 with amazing accuracy.

Business Insider reported that, according to a White House pool report, "one of Trump's aides shouted 'don't look' when Trump initially came out and pointed at the sky." The Donald then decided to don his glasses, and he appeared to be narrating what he was seeing to the first lady.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Earlier this summer, Trump pulled out of the United Nations Paris climate deal, citing the deal as "bad for America," according to the Guardian. The Trump administration has famously denied the link between fossil fuels and global warming, and filled its ranks with so called "climate skeptics," one of whom tweeted about the "victory."

Steve Milloy, brought in to help “transition” the EPA, tweeted on June 1: “Congratulations to all climate skeptics! We have reaped a tremendous victory.”

Perhaps doctors' offices will be flooded with climate skeptics post eclipse who doubted the sun's power. I guess we'll find out. Again, because, science.