The One Plus Size Coat To Buy This Week, Because The Bomb Cyclone Is Just The Beginning

"I was watching the news this morning," I said to my father over the phone, "And apparently, something called a 'bomb cyclone' is going to hit the northeast." He roared with laughter (I think about the phrase, not the prospect of his daughter being buried alive by something that has been described as a "snow hurricane"), but a sudden and terrifying thought washed over me: Where the hell am I going to get a plus size winter coat?

Anyone over a size 16 knows that when temperatures drop — unexpectedly or otherwise — one cannot just "go shopping" and "find a coat" in an afternoon. Plus size outerwear sizes and styles are limited, and by my findings, are usually located online. The brick and mortar department store experience can work from time to time, but more often than not, a chilly plus size shopper has to plan, do her research, and hope that UPS man arrives before shit hits the fan (and hurricanes contain snow).

Unfortunately, I am not that shopper. I'm writing this on Jan. 3, Bomb Cyclone Eve in New York City. By Jan. 4, it is predicted that all five boroughs will be covered in snow and faced with high winds. I will remain indoors as long as I can, repenting for my decision to wait until the last minute. However, there is hope for all who are like me — at least for the rest of the winter.

Quilted Faux Fur Trim Maxi Length Parka, $80, Roamans

When it comes to shopping smart for a plus size winter coat, there are variety of factors to consider: How quickly can it ship, assuming you came up empty-handed in-store? How much does it cost? Will it look cool, is it trendy? Is it available in a broad size range so your fellow plus size shoppers have options? Finally — and most importantly — is it actually warm?

After hours of diligent shopping, review scouring, and research (and a few disappointing moments learning that some of my choices were sold out) the Quilted Faux Fur Trim Maxi Length Parka from Roaman's checks all of those boxes for me, making it an absolute must-have for the upcoming winter months (and the coat I wish I had for whatever it is the bomb cyclone turns out to be). The price point of $79.99 is super reasonable, the coat ships quickly, and the reviews are consistent: "Best investment for winter wear in years. Keeps the legs warm. Very comfortable," writes one satisfied customer. "Keeps the wind out and holds in warmth."

Those co-signs, along with the wide range of size and color options (the brand offers the coat in black, slate, red, navy, and tan, in sizes from 14/16-38/40, which means that no plus size shopper has to go cold this winter. For my money, the best option is black — after all, in New York City, the black maxi puffer rules all winter outdoor moments.

"I think that the past few seasons the case for a puffer coat has come back super strong," says Bustle's own Senior Fashion Market Editor Gabby Prescod. "People are rediscovering their childhood puffers and making them more wearable and cool."

I won't have mine in time for the bomb cyclone (and if you're reading this, neither will you), but this could be the thing that gets us through the winter. Cop it before the color and size you prefer sells out — and before the next horrorshow winter storm comes through to eff your whole life up.