This Quote Could Prove Rachel Picks Peter

by Jordan Lauf
George Burns/ABC

As Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette revealed, Rachel seems to have a pretty clear top two: Bryan and Peter. She took both of these men on one-on-ones this week, even though she still hadn't had a solo date with later eliminated contestants Adam and Matt (although, TBH, what were they still doing there in the first place?) But, as the ladies of Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast? discuss this week, a quote from next week's promo might reveal that Rachel picks Peter in the end.

Rachel and Peter shared a romantic dogsledding date in Switzerland (complete with copious amounts of dog excrement, as they talked about), during which Peter admitted that the process has been so hard that at times, he's thought about going home. Uh-oh. I hate to tell you this, Pete, but in the world of The Bachelorette, you're not supposed to talk about how it's weird to "fall in love" with someone in five weeks. Case in point: After hearing this, Rachel confessed it makes her nervous that Peter might be the last man standing, only to reject her when the time comes. God forbid someone takes a minute to think before getting engaged to someone they hardly know.

The date ended on an uncertain note, but the promo for the upcoming episodes revealed a clue that makes me pretty sure Rachel picks this partially-silver fox to win it all. In the emotional clip, Rachel starts by stating that she's gone through "trials and tribulations" to get to the end of the season, but she doesn't have regrets because she's in love. The clip ends with Rachel saying, "So, hopefully, he hasn't had a change of heart, and wants exactly what I want. I just pray he will be asking for my hand in marriage."

If you're like me and spend way too much time analyzing signs about who Rachel might pick, this seems like a pretty clear clue that Peter emerges as the top dog. The other main contender for Rachel's heart, Bryan, doesn't seem to have any reservations at all about proposing to Rachel. In fact, I think he would have done it last episode if it meant that he could just win the whole dang thing already and send everyone home early.

Peter has voiced that he might not get down on one knee at the end if it didn't feel right. And since Rachel has already expressed that this possibility makes her very nervous, it would make sense that she would hope that "he hasn't had a change of heart" and is praying that "he will be asking for [her] hand in marriage". Ipso facto, Rachel and Peter are about to make the most beautiful gap-toothed couple you ever did see.

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