The Scene in 'Life-Size' You Might've Forgotten About

Have you heard the news? Life-Size is getting a sequel. It was confirmed earlier this week at Freeform's 2017 Upfronts that the Disney movie starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan is making a comeback in 2018. And if that news wasn't satisfying enough, then surely the announcement that Banks will be returning to the film to reprise her role as Eve — the Barbie-esque doll brought to life using an enchantment — should warm your heart. Eve was definitely a positive role model not only to Lohan's character Casey, but also to young girls watching the film everywhere. Thanks to Eve, there are so many memorable moments and life lessons to take away from the film, but there's one scene in the original Life-Size movie that's relatable AF, and you've probably forgotten all about it.

A little refresher on Eve from Life-Size: In doll form, she's a woman of many talents — sometimes she's a homemaker, sometimes she's a police officer, and other times, she even takes form as a doctor. But she's also spent time doing office work and, after Casey brings her to life, she uses the skills she once learned as a secretary and gets a job as, well... a secretary.

For her first day on the job, she arrives in style, wearing a peach-colored skirt suit with off-white embellishments and pearls. After making her entrance, she quickly gets to work, typing her life away and getting sh*t done the best she knows how. But once her supervisor walks by to check in on her, a clip of her computer screen shows that Eve has just been sitting at her computer typing nonsense the entire day. If that's not one of the most relatable things I've ever seen, then I don't know what is.

We've all had those moments in college where we've sat in classes and speed-typed through an entire lesson until all we can do is sit in the lecture hall with a smile on our face, as our fingers just dance across the keyboard and type out a whole bunch of nothing. Eve basically proved once again that she is all of us.

Eve clearly understands me on a spiritual level, which is why I can't wait for her return in Life-Size 2 next year. I guess I'll just be rewatching this scene until then.