The One Thing About You That Draws People In, According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Drawing people in can be about more than you think. The intricacies of your personality can make you can get people interested and listening, and some of this might be based on factors beyond what you usually think of. The Chinese zodiac can actually tell you a lot about your personality, including the things people notice about you immediately.

The Chinese Zodiac also has 12 signs, but differs from the Western zodiac when it comes to finding what your sign is. Your Chinese zodiac sign is based on your year of birth, and corresponds to an animal with a particular set of traits. Beyond that, there's way more to explore about Chinese astrology (just like how Western astrology is about more than your sun sign), but there's still a lot you can learn about yourself and how others perceive you based on your birth year alone.

Astrology, regardless if it's Chinese or Western, has the potential to help you understand a variety of things outside the usual lens. While you may have a favorite quality about yourself personally, the zodiac can help you discover what overarching trait others may find particularly interesting when they meet you.

Here is the one thing about you that draws others in, based on your Chinese zodiac sign.


Rat: Your Resourcefulness

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When things get tricky, it can be great to be around someone who can figure their way out. So if you're a Rat, your resourcefulness becomes really appealing to others.

"The Rat is very resourceful," Laurent Langlais, an international consultant who specializes in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, tells Bustle. "While the image of the animal doesn’t agree with everyone, people born under the Rat share with their totem animal the power of always finding solutions to their problems, and leading others in time of darkness." Ever helpful, the Rat attracts by just being themself.


Ox: Your Organization

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If you're an Ox, it's more than likely that you're always on top of things. For those who might not necessarily share this trait, the Ox's organization draws people in.

"The Ox is a role model for being practical and well organized," Langlais says. Many people are attracted to people who inspire them to be the best version of themselves, and the Ox does just that.


Rabbit: Your Imagination

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Being creative is a positive trait in general, and this characteristic may be one of your standouts if your Chinese zodiac sign is the Rabbit.

"The Rabbit has endless imagination and is definitely the artistic type," Langlais says. "A Rabbit will entertain you and take you on adventures, exactly like [the rabbit] did with Alice in Wonderland." Since you help others dream big, you're a fantastic romantic partner.


Dragon: Your Spirituality

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Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, you likely have a special kind of connection the the universe by nature of being a Dragon sign. This special kind of wisdom can draw people to you.

"The Dragon fascinates by its ability to connect reality and the spiritual realm," Langlais says. "[...] They are magical and others know it, and love them for their vision." You may not be exactly like everyone else, but others find this really appealing.


Snake: Your Cleverness

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A lot of people find witty banter one of the most attractive things possible. As a clever Snake, your quick mind draws people in.

"The Snake is such a clever sign and a great tactician," Langlais says. "[...] We admire their plans and success, and wish we had their mind." When people start to pick your brain, then, they may start to develop feelings as well.


Tiger: Your Loyalty

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If your Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger, there's likely something about your trustworthiness and loyalty that makes people want to be in your orbit.

"The Tiger has a noble personality and will also fight for those it loves," Langlais says. "[...] Their aura and nobility fascinates other signs and they are natural born leaders whom we love to follow." Others will be attracted to how devoted you are to those you love.


Horse: Your Energy

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Being a Horse means you have a certain energy that other signs can only hope to be around. Your positivity makes people just want more.

"The Horse is sometimes the Tiger on steroids: its stamina and enthusiasm is hard to resist!" Langlais says. "A Horse is anything but boring, and they draw people to their circle by showing them how much fun there is in this world." People who want a romantic adventure may find you especially fascinating.


Goat: Your Connection To Nature

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Traditionally, the Goat's connection to others made them natural artisans. Now, the pure energy that Goats (or Sheep/Rams) have makes them appealing to those who want to feel a deep connection.

"They attract others by their ability to reveal natural beauty: we need more of them to return to our roots," Langlais says. You help ground the people around you, and this can be really appreciated.


Monkey: Your Fun-Loving Spirit

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It's natural to be drawn to people you have fun around. And if you're a Monkey, people tend to have a lot of fun around you.

"The Monkey is the ultimate entertainer," Langlais says. "They are so much fun to be around and it’s hard to stay [sad] in their company." People attracted to you will love how they rarely get bored around you.


Rooster: Your Sharp Eye

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As a Rooster, you're able to analyze and "see" things others don't. When others notice this, they're likely to appreciate this trait about you.

"The Rooster is precise, analytical, and so helpful when we need a sharp eye and feedback on our lives," Langlais says. "They have magnifying lenses in their eyes and the ability to analyze what they see." People may be intrigued to see whether they're up to the challenge of being analyzed by your sharp eye.


Dog: Your Attentiveness

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It should be no surprise that the Dog zodiac sign is known for its loyalty and attentiveness. If this is your sign, though, people love this quality of yours.

"The attentive lover and the faithful friend, a Dog naturally attracts friends by being goodnatured and reliable," Langlais says. "They will always open their door for you and make you feel cozy, and are certainly the sign you can count on during your rainy days." Being so trustworthy can be a really solid foundation for attraction.


Pig: Your Hedonism

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An adventurer, a traveller, and a lover of life, the Pig is appreciated for their more fun-loving qualities.

"The Pig has some nomadic qualities and is also a lover of life," Langlais says. "A traveller at heart, it is another sign that can take you on a real adventure. Really hedonistic, a Pig will show others how to enjoy their life." People will be attracted to the fact that you are committed to discovering new things, even as you grow older.

While some attraction may be superficial, a lot of what attracts others to you is the more engrained parts of your personality. So whether you're fun-loving, loyal, or a critical thinker, there are people out there who find you irresistible. And your Chinese zodiac can help you discover why.