The One Thing To Stop Being Embarrassed About, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has quirks that make their personality distinct. Sometimes those quirks can also make us self-conscious — you may feel like the only chatty one in the room, or maybe like you take things more seriously than other people do, or just feel at a general disconnect with people around you. But the stars are telling you to cut the shame. Some of the things you're self-conscious about are actually what make you great — and those same traits the ones you should stop being embarrassed about, based on your zodiac sign.

See, your uniqueness can greatly benefit the people around you. Some of us may be unable to blurt out a plethora of fun facts at every turn, enlightening people in the process. Some may be neat freaks who can organize virtually any mess at an inhuman pace (thank the universe for you guys). And there are those of us who are so, so chatty but can make friends with anyone. Whatever you have to offer, the world definitely needs it.

The elements can play in a major role in preference when it comes to traits you may exhibit. Earth signs like Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus can be bossy, yet super reliable for their practicality, while air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius may not take things as seriously but know just the right way to help others relax. Fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo can errs toward the dramatic, but will be the fiercely loyal friends you want to keep forever. And water signs such as Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio want validation and love, but know how to give it even more in copious amounts.

Read on to find out how you should wear your quirkiness, loud and proud:


Own your impatience. Aries, if we didn't have you around to get things going, well — nothing would ever get going. You're responsible for starting the production for so many great things in the world. Your friends and loved ones are lucky to have you to motivate them to always be doing something, whether through your encouragements and/or your shining example! Having a fire under your butt is a practice that keeps things turning for everyone around you, too.


Being stubborn can be a great thing. You stand by your values when others may get worried about what people think. You're always determined to fight for what you believe in, and honestly, your example may inspire people more than you think to stand up for themselves, too. Don't shy away from who you were born to be — your qualities as the fixed earth sign mean you're one of the most stable personalities out there, and people need that stability in their lives, too.


We need a devil's advocate to monitor the truth. Your propensity to debate topics doesn't make you a know-it-all. It makes you really smart and skeptical in a way others may find refreshing. Don't be afraid to be your chattiest self when it comes to matters that make you think — you may rub off on others to also give their lives and philosophies some critical examination. You're important in society for this reason!


Your gentleness isn't weakness. Sure, maybe you get worked up and cry a little too easily, but having such an awareness of your emotions can prepare you — and your loved ones — for the greatest of life's ups and downs. You are understanding and loving because you get how humans work on a deep level that others don't.


There's no need to apologize for refusing to settle. Leo, you make everyone around you more proud by being the person to push you friends to live their best lives. You have high standards for yourself and the people around you, and you're always around to encourage others or give them a pep talk if they need to believe in themselves. You're not high maintenance, the way astrological stereotypes on the internet may make you sound. You just demand high quality out of life, and others around you benefit from it too.


Your attention to detail is your superpower. Don't be afraid of getting a bit nitpicky sometimes, Virgo. Without you to make sure processes are perfect and refined, the world's efficiency would definitively be compromised. You're an old soul whose perfectionism has probably gotten your loved ones out of hot water multiple times.


Your love of relationships makes the world go round. Don't apologize for being a huge romantic, Libra. You're naturally the sign of balance and partnership, so you get that it's important in this life to be connected to everyone. Sometimes, others may lose sight of that, but you don't — and we need you around for that purpose!


Your intensity means you can handle humanity's dark parts well. If anyone's ever joked you're a bit morbid, it's because you're in touch with and unafraid of the scary parts of life. You don't bat an eyelash at things other people are quick to call hopeless, and you don't get fazed as easily as everyone around you. You have resilience to keep on pushing and understand pain — and you bring clarity to others as well for this. Don't hide your dark parts, Scorpio, because your inability to shy away from them is what helps others look at their darkness with a more clear approach too!


Don't be ashamed of being a free spirit. If you've ever been called flighty, it's because you find commitment in freedom. You believe your first and truest relationship is with yourself, and you are unafraid to prioritize that. This actually means you'll have more authentic energy to give to others, so don't feel selfish. When you're around, people truly, truly cherish it, and also remember to put themselves first, too.


Your hard-working nature helps keep things on track. Maybe you get self-conscious that you love your work so much, but since when is that strictly a bad thing? You demonstrate to people the importance of perseverance and discipline. Your boss nature may help others get up and get moving on their dreams and goals, as they see you doing with yours.


Your nerdiness is pretty innovative. You geek out over things you're passionate about, but rest assured this isn't something to make you an outsider. You may end up inadvertently causing others to wonder at what makes their gears turn, especially because you don't pressure anyone to do that on your own as a detached air sign. You're just a person whose example is so shining, that others will also start to mirror your independent nerdiness, too!


Don't be afraid to dream. If anyone ever told you to get your head out of the clouds, I hope you didn't listen to them. The world needs a visionary like you, Pisces, and it certainly needs someone like you who's the type of listener to motivate their friends into also dreaming big. Other signs bring the doing, but you are the one who makes people also do the seeing. Seeing what they can achieve, if they so just believe.