The One Thing You Should Do When Asking For A Raise, Based On Your Sign

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The ability to ask for what you deserve is something many of us have struggled with. Each of us has our insecurities and doubts to wrestle with, especially when it comes to workplace woes. And while there is plenty of solid advice for things you should keep in mind while you're asking for a raise, it might lack that personal touch that makes you feel grounded. In that case, you might benefit from knowing what you should remember when asking for a raise, based on your zodiac sign.

First, you should know it's perfectly normal to be nervous about talking money with your boss. But remember that the element of your zodiac sign in particular is definitely going to make a huge difference in how you view and react to a situation. Earth sign energy saps away your ability to feel your anxiety to its fullest (looking at you, Tauruses, Virgos, and Capricorns); water sign energy can render you too emotional to string a sentence together (Pisceans? Scorpios? Definitely you, Cancers); fire sign energy can sometimes lead you to say things without fully thinking them through (I'm sure there have been many an Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo who have done that); and air sign energy can make you just seem bored or detached (or at your worst, ungrateful).

Luckily, the more you are aware of the astrological elements of your chart that can influence your behavior, the more you can make sure to emphasize your strengths. Read on to find out more about what your sign should remember when asking for a raise:


Give yourself permission to relax. You're already a model professional; let yourself think of this conversation as a casual one, and you might trick your brain out of feeling anxious about it. Before you leave for work the morning of, take some deep breaths, meditate on your worth, and feel your brain clear out. Then, with that powerful brain of yours, watch what happens when you tell your boss the exact reasons why you deserve that higher pay.


Don't let yourself settle. Yes, your comfort zone is sacred territory, but remember that while you may be inclined to try not to cause waves, you also don't want to ever sell yourself short. You know how incredible your worth is — now let that knowledge shine when you're talking to your boss.


You are a sign that will definitely benefit the most from preparation — rehearsing things in the mirror any anticipating any possible pushback will spare you from regretting anything you say off the cuff, as Geminis are sometimes wont to do. No matter what happens, have faith in your ability to roll with the punches and figure out a new strategy if you have to — whether this time gets you the raise, or the next time.


Separate your empathic tendencies from your objective. Maybe you're worried that your boss will feel like they're letting you down if they're not able to give you the raise, or want to make things easier on them; tendencies like this may make you unconsciously back down. Your tendency to consider other people's emotions is a gift, but this is one instance you have to be willing to fight for yourself as objectively as possible — at the end of the day, it's business, and nothing personal.


Pick three killer things to brag about, and make those the main focuses of your argument. You've never had any trouble expressing your worth, so when you go in, go in with specifics that will wow them the way you always do. If that isn't enough — and knowing you, it probably is — then keep advocating for yourself. You were born with that innate ability for a reason, and it sets an inspiring example for everyone around you, too.


Focus on framing your accomplishments in a way that really makes them shine. Virgos tend to be self-deprecating even when they're deliberately asked to talk about their good qualities, so don't be afraid to brag about yourself! With your commitment and knack for detail, you are absolutely vital to any company, so dismiss the notion that you're overselling yourself. Just own whatever you've done, and let the universe take care of the rest.


Ground yourself by remembering the specifics of what you want. Libras can be prone to distraction, or let themselves get easily swayed; maybe your boss has tactics to move from the subject of your raise, or wants to offer you an alternative. You'll be ready, though, if you center yourself on what really matters to you. Have a dollar number in mind and aim for it. That positive energy will carry over.


Expect everything. Sometimes you get so stuck in your head about how things should go that you forget to watch how they are going. The truth is that raise negotiations rarely, if ever, go as planned — so prepare yourself for all possible scenarios. If you still don't anticipate what actually happens, keep your focus on your accomplishments, and trust yourself to make it happen.


Play back the story of what got you here. You've likely been wanting this raise for a while, and telling your boss that can be anxiety-inducing. But remember what got you to this moment? All the times you thought, "Whoa — I'm really killing it here." Hang onto that! Then tell your superiors the highlights, from start to finish. This has been a journey, not a sprint, and that will help them fully appreciate you, too.


Ask for a higher number than what you originally planned. All signs should do this, of course — but you're such a hard worker, Cappy, that you sometimes focus more on that than the worth of that work. Settle on a fair number by consulting friends who've been in your position, and be firm in representing yourself. Your logical nature and love of facts can only help you there.


Lean into your feelings about this potential raise. Your defensive move might be to reflexively detach yourself from stressful scenarios, and that definitely benefits you sometimes — but for some Aquariuses, advocating for yourself may not be one of them. So come in eager, come in open, and be as honest as possible about what you want to get out of the company and what number you think is suitable. It may open you up a little more than your usual comfort zone, but you'll be glad you did!


Rehearse what you want to say before you go into the room. You sometimes have a tendency to underestimate how much unexpected anxiety in the heat of the moment will affect you, and preparation is your first line of defense. You're a hard worker with a huge heart — odds are everyone in the room is rooting for you anyway. Remember that you're not the only one on your side, and make the magic happen.