The Parade Of Nations Dancers Are Back At The Closing Ceremony & Twitter Couldn't Be Happier

David Ramos/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images/@carotidartistry/Twitter

The 2018 Winter Olympics are ending, which is a serious bummer — it'll be four years before we get to watch the world's best winter sport athletes compete for gold. Thankfully, the closing ceremony makes it much easier to say goodbye to the most exciting event of the year. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics closing ceremony gifted us with a lot of memorable moments, but there was one highlight that the internet loved: The tireless dancers from the opening ceremony returned for the closing ceremony, reminding us that they're the true MVPs of this whole thing. In case you missed the opening ceremony on Feb. 9, a squad of Korean dancers performed for over an hour during the Parade of Nations as athletes walked in, which left the entire world pretty impressed with their dedication.

During the closing ceremony, the dancers didn't have to dance for as long as they previously did, which is slightly disappointing — I'd be down to watch an entire Olympic event dedicated to their moves. Still, the internet loved the dance squad just as much as before, especially because athletes from some countries decided to join the fun and dance with them as they entered. The pressure is gone once athletes reach the closing ceremony, so why not have a little fun? These are some of the best reactions to the Parade of Nations dancers.

They Have A Dream Job

No seriously — how does one become a dancer at the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies? Because this sounds like something anyone would LOVE to do.

Conspiracy Theories Abound

Uh, consider my mind blown.

Athletes Are Really Into It

When you have such a welcoming group of people ushering you into the stadium with top notch dance moves, it's hard not to get into the spirit yourself.

Dancing Should Be An Olympic Sport

Can someone please get each of these dancers a gold medal? Because what we're seeing right now is a true display of athletic ability.

The Performance Was Like A Movie

Some Twitter users compared the epic dance performance to the movie Tron, and they're not wrong.

Their Outfits Were On Point

TBH, who wouldn't want to be one of the Parade of Nation dancers?

Gold Metal Material

Somebody give the Parade of Nation dancers their Olympic medals already.

Pure Art

The dancers put together an entertaining show, but it was also super artistic.

Inspiring Others

It is difficult (if not impossible) to watch the Parade of Nations dancers, and not get inspired. They are #goals.

Stanning The Dancers

While some of us want to be more like the Parade of Nations dancers, some Twitter users want to date them.

An Apt Comparison

The dance and musical performance reminded some people of a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show, and I'm here for it.


The dancers' symbolic imagery and technical skills left many people in complete awe.

The Real Heroes

Of course, everyone who participated in the Olympics did an amazing job, but the Parade of Nations dancers won over the internet.

Here is to hoping we see more of them during the next Olympic games.

Additional reporting by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro