This Is The One Phone Game You’ll LOVE, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

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What you have on your phone says a lot about who you are. There's only a certain amount of space on a phone, so the apps you choose to download show what's really important to you. That includes the games you play on there whenever you're feeling particularly bored. These might just seem like mindless activities that keep you from falling asleep wherever you are, but the phone games you enjoy playing can actually give off some clues about what your personality is like. That means that if you're in search of a new game to mess around with, you might want to look within - or let us do it for you! There are some phone games you'll be obsessed with based on your Myers-Briggs type, and they're worth checking out.

If you don't already know your Myers-Briggs type, it's absolutely worth looking into. The Myers-Briggs test is based on Jungian philosophy and will fill you in on an overview of your personality. The test is simple - it's a whole bunch of similar questions that you answer online. Once you're done, you'll be told your MBTI, which is super interesting. It will show you the basics about your personality and act as a guide towards things you should be doing, like career upgrades you could be making or the best ways to show you care about someone. It can also clue you in on some sillier things as well, like the phone games you should download. Interested? Find out your type, then check out the phone game you'll be obsessed with based on just that:


INTJ types love to learn and feel challenged, and they are often referred to as "bookworms." If that's you, then you'll probably love the New York Times Crossword Puzzle game. It's exactly what it sounds like: the NY Times crossword puzzle, except it's an app, and you can play it on your phone or tablet.


ENTJ types are efficient, confident, and strategic thinkers. As an ENTJ, you probably want to find a game that will get you thinking, and you might also want a little healthy competition. Try downloading Chess With Friends. You can compete with others and really use your brain while having fun.


If you're an INTP, then you're probably known for being creative, inventive, and unique — and you're also probably pretty smart. Try downloading Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad. It's a drawing app that challenges you mentally and also allows you to get creative. You can create your own kaleidoscopes and pick colors and everything. It's fun, addicting, and interesting.


As an ENTP, you're smart, a quick thinker, and somewhat competitive. Because of this, you'd probably love the game Trivia Crack. It challenges you to quickly come up with answers to trivia questions while playing against someone else — either a friend or a random person. It's fun, it's a little challenging, and it's exciting.


As an INFJ, you're known for being creative and smart, but you're also someone who can get stuck in a dream world. You'd probably love the game har•mo•ny, which combines puzzles, music, and color. It's relaxing and soothing while also being mentally stimulating, so it's right up your alley.


There is nothing an ENFJ likes more than to help other people - if this is your type, you're drawn to situations and jobs that allow you to help others in any way you can. If that sounds like you, then you should download the game Sea Hero Quest. It seems like your average phone game — you chase creatures through seas and swamps, and it's fun and a good way to pass time. But playing Sea Hero Quest for just two minutes helps with important research on dementia. It's a really cool concept.


As an INFP, you're very creative and idealistic, with a great imagination. You don't love competing or fighting with others, so you probably wouldn't enjoy a game that involves you playing against other people. You're better off with something creative. Try an app like Let's Create! Pottery, which is like designing and making your own pottery on your phone.


ENFPs are known for being super curious, interested in learning, and acting really social. So, it's pretty obvious: you should be playing the game Curious! It's an app full of lessons, puzzles, and mind games that help you learn while having fun.


As an ISTJ, you are most known for being smart and super logical. You'll want to play a game that allows you to play to those strengths. Something like Pixel Puzzle would be perfect for you — it's a logic puzzle that challenges players to fill in a blank of grid tiles with a series of clues in order to form an image. It's literally all about logic, no guesswork. It will definitely keep you busy!


If you're an ESTJ, chances are good that you're put together and that you love getting things in order. You'll probably love the game Mini Metro, which basically allows you to create your own underground railway. It's fun and interesting, and will allow you to put things together.


ISFJs are imaginative, but also quite practical. You also probably like to help people. For this reason, you'd love the game Cooking Fever. In Cooking Fever, you're basically running a restaurant and you have to focus on serving things correctly and timely. It's fun and pretty exciting!


As an ESFJ, you're warm, very practical, and good at connecting with others. How does this translate to a game on your phone? You'd probably enjoy a fun puzzle game that stimulates your brain but doesn't pit you against anyone. Try Prune, a relaxing puzzle game that takes from the Japanese art of bonsai. You'll be at work on a growing plant, and if you do everything right, you get a blooming tree. It sounds weird, but is super rewarding.


Since you're intelligent, bold, and you love to explore, you'd probably love the game King Rabbit. During the game, you rescue rabbits from cages while solving puzzles, dodging traps, and avoiding enemies. There tons of levels, so you won't get bored any time soon.


As an ESTP, you're perceptive, rational, and social. You'd probably have fun with Touchtone, which is full of puzzles, as well as a cool backstory. As the player, you're a volunteer in a government surveillance program, and you have to solve puzzles to figure everything out.


As an ISFP, you're imaginative and creative, and you like to do things a little outside of the box. Try downloading French Girls, which is an app that lets you draw other people's selfies. It's unique and fun, and you'll definitely enjoy playing around with it.


ESFPs are known for being performers, and if this is is your personality type, you're probably observant and creative. Try downloading and playing Framed, which is a puzzle game involving comic book panels. You can rearrange the panels to allow the player to successfully get through the puzzles. It's unique and fun, and has a creative aspect as well.