No, ’The Politician’s David Corenswet Isn’t Related To Henry Cavill


If there was one thing Netflix's The Politician wasn't lacking in, it was star power. Countless A-list actors popped up throughout the season, but as much as Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch, and Jessica Lange stood out, they weren't the only scene stealers to grab the attention of fans. One star caught the attention of Twitter for looking particularly heroic. The Politician's David Corenswet is a Henry Cavill lookalike, and Twitter cannot get enough. In fact, he looks so much like Cavill, fans are hoping Corenswet, who played River in the series, will be the next Superman.

Back in September 2018, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Cavill would no longer be playing Superman in any DC movies going forward, though Warner Bros. issued a statement later that claimed no official decision had been made. Regardless, the rumors set Twitter ablaze with many wondering who would be chosen to fill those Man of Steel-sized shoes. Now, it seems some people have settled on a general consensus: If you can't have Cavill, then his lookalike is the next best thing. And according to those who have watched Corsenswet in action on The Politician, he is that lookalike, and the perfect fit for the iconic role.

"I would like to personally start the campaign for David Corenswet to be the next Superman, kthx," tweeted Deputy Entertainment Manager at IGN Laura Prudom.

Other fans were less interested in his Superman potential and more interested in how he looks like the perfect combination of celebs. "Are we just going to ignore that River from #ThePolitician looks like a baby Henry Cavill," tweeted @KhadidjaGaniou. Meanwhile, @LegoandRey pointed out that Corenswet almost resembles the child of "Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill." Though other fans thought he looked more like an "Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill" mix.

Corenswet's character in The Politician suffered a tragic fate and took his own life by the end of the first episode. The ghost of his memory kept appearing to Payton throughout the season, though, helping to guide him and give advice whenever he could. Corsenswet didn't have that many scenes to work with, but the ones he did have, he made memorable (as the Twitter reaction made abundantly clear). So it isn't surprising that Politician creator Ryan Murphy has already nabbed him for another project. Corsenswet is signed on to star in Hollywood, playing a character named Jack. Not much is known about the role, but the series will focus on Hollywood and the sex industry in the 1940s.

Being attached to two prominent Murphy productions could be just the jump-start Corenswet needs to see his career take off to new heights — perhaps heights only a certain flying superhero can reach.

For now, Corenswet is just enjoying the relief that comes with being employed. And he seems intent on soaking up as much joy from the experience as possible. "I think a lot of actors, rightfully so, go through life thinking I got a job, wonderful, I'm gonna enjoy it, this is the last job I'm ever gonna get," he told E! News during a recent interview. "And I still am feeling that way... which is great, because it means you cherish it, and you love it for what it is, and you drink in every moment on set and every moment with your cast mates, so that's what I'm making of it."

It's a commendable outlook to have, but if the people of Twitter have anything to say about it, his stardom is only just starting to take flight.