A Giant Harry Potter Store Just Opened Up & It's Basically Diagon Alley IRL

by Kerri Jarema

If you've been hesitating to make that trip to London, consider this your boarding call, Potterheads. Because popular UK-based retailer Primark has transformed their entire Oxford Street East shop into a spellbinding real-life retail version of Hogwarts that is any Harry Potter fan's dream. And well, let's just say you're going to want to empty your entire vault at Gringotts before you go, because this is the only place outside of Diagon Alley where you can get all of the wizarding supplies you could ever need.

The shop is decked out with tons of magical touches, from floating Hogwarts letters and wands to a gorgeous twinkling fairy light archway; all setting the sort of mood you might expect from a holiday in the Great Hall. But, even more importantly, there are rows upon rows of HP merchandise, from clothes to accessories, bedding to pajamas, plush toys to pillows, tea towels to mugs. If you've ever wanted to wear your House pride on your sleeve, tote all of your belongings in an HP themed satchel or keep your feet warm with some Potter-themed socks, Primark has more than got you covered.

Check out the video below for the captivating overview of the entire shop and its betwitching wares. But beware, you probably won't be able to get through the entire thing without pressing pause to hop on your broom...or check on flight availability to London.

Just some of the clothing options the shop has in store include House hoodies for all of those cozy winter days ahead; long-sleeved thermals that would look great paired with your favorite pair of jeans; and even a tank top and shorts combo for nights under your thickest comforter.

Speaking of comforters, Primark definitely hasn't ignored the housewares here. Cushy pillows, cozy comforters and snuggly bedsheets are all on display, with overlarge mugs just waiting to be filled with your favorite tea or coffee on a Sunday morning lie-in.

And don't forget a nice, soft plush to snuggle with. Those Hedwig soft toys are so cute that they will be flying off the shelf in no time at all.


Another shot of the store reveals loungewear, from sweatshirts to t-shirts, socks and even the Quidditch-themed robe you never knew you always wanted. The best part if you won't have to do any exercise when you wear it.

You can never have to many handbags, and this old-school satchel evokes autumnal walks through the grounds, Transfiguration books in hand, ready to settle down by the lake and get to studying.

Best of all, you can do all your shopping under an overhanging of Hogwarts letters. It's a dream come true.


Primark is known for their affordable "high street" prices, so you can grab tons of garb for under £20 (or about $26) which is a total steal if you can get to the city before it's all accio'd away.

And if you just can't make it to London anytime soon, Primark has outfits in both Boston, Pennsylvania and New York that you can check out in the meantime. Head to their website for more information.