Alert: You Can Get $500 Worth Of Tatcha Products For Only $145 Right Now


Tatcha fans, get your credit cards ready because there is a skincare sale you cannot miss. QVC Beauty's Tatcha sale is offering 70% off fan-favorite Tatcha products. Specifically, QVC is selling a $493 Tatcha beauty set for only $145. It's almost too good to be true, so you will have to act fast if you want these door-buster savings.

The sale item in question is called the Tatcha Ageless Renewal Face & Neck 4-Piece Kit, which has four full-sized Tatcha products. Right now it's on sale for $145. But if you buy each of the items separately, your total at checkout would be an eye-watering $493. This price will be offered until June 17 up to 3 AM EST, while supplies last.

The set includes Essence Plumping Skin Softener, Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream, Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream, and Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream. Buy buying the full bundle, you will be taking care of all of your skincare needs.

The Essence Plumping Skin Softener comes in a 5.1-fl oz bottle and normally costs $95. It's an essence that softens the appearance of dry fine lines and wrinkles, and is created with fermented Japanese green tea, algae, and rice.

Geisha used the tradition of beauty waters to restore their skin, and this tradition has been passed down to modern generations. According to Sephora, 97% of Japanese women today use an essence.

According to QVC, in one test, after five minutes of use, The Essence helped improve skin moisturization on average of 42% more than moisturizer alone.

The Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream comes in a 1.7-fl oz jar and normally costs $110. The neck cream is light rather than greasy, and should be applied in an upwards motion on the neck and decolletage. The delicate skin on the neck is put through a lot of stress throughout the day thanks to constant movement and sun exposure, and is naturally prone to premature aging.

That is why the formula is packed with a complex mix of ingredients. The cream has a mix of natural botanical actives, which include Japanese cornflower, lemon balm, and artichoke leaf. The cornflower helps firm your skin, whereas the lemon balm and artichoke leaf help to smooth the appearance of crepiness, lines, and wrinkles.

The Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream comes in a 1.86-fl oz and usually costs $185. It's an intensely rich cream that helps to deliver a firmer appearance, and is especially great for very dry skin.

The peony and gardenia fruit in the cream help to strengthen the elasticity in your skin. And Hadasei-3, a complex of rice bran extract, red algae and green tea, helps moisturize and fight free radicals from damaging your complexion.

Lastly, the Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream comes in a 0.38-fl oz jar, and usually costs $102. The eye cream helps to bring a brighter look to your eyes, while also helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines. The cream uses peony and honeysuckle extracts, which are known for their ability to visibly diminish fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

Fulfill all of your skincare needs in one fell swoop with this QVC Tatcha bundle sale. Your skin will be pampered and moisturized all summer long.