Here's How Kraft Found Real Families For Their Super Bowl Commercial

Kraft Brand/YouTube

For those who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, this year you're in for a treat. Kraft's first Super Bowl commercial will feature families the company has enlisted who love their mac 'n cheese from a blue box. But if you're curious about who the real families from the Kraft Super Bowl commercial are, well, they're the ones that hashtag their best Super Bowl Sunday photos.

Right now, no one, not even Kraft, know who will appear in the 30-second spot. That's because Kraft's commercial will be created in real time, according to Adweek, and will air at some point during the second half of Super Bowl 52. It's a bold move, considering that the average Super Bowl commercial reportedly comes together in 13 to 18 weeks.

While the Patriots and Eagles — looking to win their very first Super Bowl — go head-to-head, the brand known not only for mac n' cheese, but salad dressing, cheese, and so much more, wants you to share your favorite family photos and videos from the big game on Instagram and Twitter. By using the hashtag #FamilyGreatly and #KraftEntry between 6 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. EST on Feb. 4, you could be one of the families chosen to take part in the commercial.

Anne Field, Kraft's director of brand building, told Adweek, that there isn't just one definition of "family," and they want to see a "broad array" of people in their commercial. “We’re giving the stage to real families," she said. "You could be in it. No matter who you are. No matter how you ‘family.'” For this commercial, Kraft wants fans to feel free to show the world their family, not just in some sweet posed photos, but also showing, according to Field, "how you dance, how you cheer, however you ‘family’ is great in our eyes.”

You may notice that Kraft has turned "family" into a verb for this commercial. In an interview with USA Today, Field said that "family is more than just who is. It really is the action and the love and the conviction that makes a family."

The Super Bowl ad is part of Kraft's Family Greatly campaign, which began in December with commercials in which parents shared their fears and concerns about being a mom or dad, only to have their kids show up to let them know how much they love and appreciate them. Yes, expect Kraft's Super Bowl debut to tug at the heartstrings.

On the ompany's website, they even offer tips for their Super Bowl ad, such as "try to avoid showing logos and brand names" and "keep it simple and just focus on a few people." Most of all, though, the site makes it clear: "No Pressure. Your photo doesn't have to be perfect to be great."

There isn't a limit to how many photos and videos Kraft will include, Field told Adweek; it's just as many as they “reasonably can in the time we have.” So spend a little of your time thinking how you can best show off your family.

This isn't the first time the Super Bowl has included a commercial that was created in real time. Last year, Hyundai created a live commercial with a little help from the U.S. military. The commercial, directed by Peter Berg (Patriot's Day), was a tribute to those football fans who are fighting for more than a championship ring.

Snickers went one step further last year creating the first ever live Super Bowl commercial with help from Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver. The commercial didn't go as planned — Driver missed his mark because he was too hungry to get it right — but that was the plan. See, the commercial and the apology, which followed from Driver and Snickers, was all an elaborate scheme to coincide with the brand's tagline: "You're not you when you're hungry."

Of course, Kraft is hoping all will go well when they make their Super Bowl debut and that you'll feel full enough to be part of this historical moment in the brand's history. Just don't forget to say cheese.