This ’Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Season 3 Mid-Season Trailer Is A Wild Ride

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 has been meatier than Mama Dee's famous meatloaf, and it looks like things are only getting warmed up. On Monday, Bravo released the trailer for the rest of RHOD Season 3, and this mid-season preview is quite a doozy. The remaining episodes seem to have more twists and turns than a mechanical bull that's been attached to the back of a trolley. Buckle your seatbelt and fasten your Birkin's raincoat, because this trailer is a wild ride.

But before we can get to the dramatic parts of the trailer, we must enjoy some lighthearted shenanigans. At the top of the preview, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman laugh about a beer called Jerry's Hole. Brandi goes skinny-dipping. D'Andra does a keg stand. Some of the Housewives battle each other in an inflatable jousting arena that's overflowing with foam. One Housewife sits on the handlebars of a bicycle and screams as her co-star does everything in her power to not steer them right into a canal. You know, classic Real Housewives antics.

But about 45 seconds in, the trailer's whole vibe changes in a big way. We see Kameron Westcott tell Cary Deuber that LeeAnne Locken "cloned Brandi's cell phone." We hear about Kameron apparently putting D'Andra on "friend probation." We hear LeeAnne call Brandi a drunk. We see LeeAnne stand up on a couch to yell down at D'Andra as D'Andra pokes LeeAnne in the chest. We see LeeAnne poke Brandi in the chest. We hear Stephanie say: "I may need a shot of tequila and a hug," as she tucks herself into bed. The trailer ends. We probably could use a shot of tequila and a hug too.

Season 3 has been incredible so far, but oh man. Oh man. Things are about to escalate, eh?

But then again, it's not like they didn't warn us. As LeeAnne told Entertainment Tonight in August,

"I feel like on Dallas Housewives, there's always been the drama street, as we'll call it, the drama street is a one-way and somehow, it always ends up at my door. Sometimes this season, I open the door. Sometimes I don't. And sometimes I bust the door down and give them a little [something]. This ain't gonna get nowhere good. You know, I'm — as a soul, as a human, am not gonna change."

In seasons past, we've seen LeeAnne punch a moving trolley, throw a glass across a table, and imply that her hands work about as well as knives. This season, LeeAnne's all about ringing her meditation bowl and keeping a relatively cool head. She still mixes it up of course, but it seems as though her trolley-punching days are long behind her.

Or are they? If the "more to come" preview is to be believed, it looks like LeeAnne is about to put the bowl away, bust the drama door down, and "give them a little something." She pokes! She gets poked! And she is apparently involved in a cell phone clone situation (if LeeAnne really did clone Brandi's phone, that would be one of the wildest Real Housewives storylines, like, ever)! It is not meditation bowl behavior, but as far as reality TV goes? It works quite well.