The Real Todd Kraines Made An April Fools' Day PSA & The Video Will Make 'KUWTK' Fans Laugh


Of all the amazing things captured onscreen during Keeping Up With The Kardashians' 14-season run, Scott Disick's Todd Kraines impersonation is perhaps the most notorious. (Come on, you know the one.) For those who've been wondering how Kraines was impacted by the epic prank-call saga, the real Todd Kraines made an April Fools' Day PSA . In a hilarious new video helmed by E! News, the real-life Kraines finally gets his sweet comeback-laden revenge (all in good fun, of course) on April 1. That, in addition to dropping some April Fools' Day wisdom on those viewers who, like Kraines' famous friends, loves nothing more than a well-executed prank.

"On this April Fools' Day, believe nothing and trust no one," real-life Kraines says, almost matter-of-factly, in E! News' new video. Segueing into his directive, Kraines continues, saying,

More than any other day, think before you prank. And the aftermath could be eternally viral.

As anyone who's ever borne witness to the Kardashian-Jenner clan's uniquely wacky antics would probably agree, it's certainly no secret that the family shares a collective penchant for good ol' fashioned hijinks. But of all their wily pranks, Kourtney K and Disick's plan to prank Kris Jenner into thinking that one of her son's friends — none other than Todd Kraines — was maybe stalking her (Disick's "Todd Kraines" phoned Kris dozens of times, sent her flowers, and was generally a little too friendly), probably takes the cake. The former couple launched the now-infamous prank-call saga way back in 2013, during KUWTK's eighth season. Suffice to say, for real-life Kraines, his playful revenge has been a long time coming.

Kraines' payback prank video, which spans a little more than two minutes, flips the script on Kourtney K. So, in an appropriately clever comeback move, E!'s video opens on Kraines initiating a sort of prank call of his own. Ostensibly speaking to Kourtney over the phone, Kraines asks her if she and Disick ever considered the implications of their prank. "When that whole thing was going on, did you guys ever think about how it would affect my life?" Kraines asks in the video. Through Kraines' iPhone speakers, Kourtney deadpans, "No."

Soon after the video kicks off, Kraines introduces himself. Though, as the rest of his video commentary duly acknowledges, he probably didn't need to. "Hi. I'm Todd Kraines, and you literally would know me from one thing and one thing only," Kraines starts, gearing up for the kicker. And, right on cue, the video cuts to that infamous clip of Disick prank-calling Kris Jenner from back in the day: "Auntie Kris, it's me! It's Todd Kraines!" Disick says into the phone, employing a phony — and exceedingly ridiculous — vocal intonation for good measure.

"Yes, I'm the real guy," Kraines tells the camera, sounding slightly less-than-enthused. Which makes sense, considering the next bit. He continues, "In honor of April Fool's Day, I'm here to bring awareness to the consequences seemingly harmless pranks can have on people's lives — not just for a day, but forever."

Kraines said the prank put him in an "extremely, extremely uncomfortable situation," mostly due to the fact that, when "Auntie Kris" turned to him looking for some kind of explanation, he quite literally didn't know what to tell her. "Kris would call me asking if I was behind these pranks, and I had no idea what the hell was going on," Kraines tells the camera, before walking the audience through his initial thought process. "Do I need to call the FBI? Was someone using my name?"

Of course, as KUWTK fans now know, this particular situation probably didn't end up warranting a phone call to the feds. But still, Kraines finishes with a point that's hard to argue with: "Identity theft is a serious crime," he shouts into the camera, while a string of bold-faced, overlaying text touting the same message parades across the screen.

Plus, Kraines says, Disick's over-the-top (and pretty objectively absurd) imitation gave him a weird reputation And, as anyone who's seen the "Todd Kraines" prank-call saga will probably tell you, he's not totally wrong. For those who haven't, this clip sums it up pretty well:

"Thanks Lord Disick, for my 15 minutes," Kraines says sharply, before finally calling out Disick's former pranking partner in crime. Continuing his on-camera phone call with Kourntey (unbeknownst to her), Kraines sets the record straight. "You were the catalyst behind this. I'm very certain of it," he says into the phone. "Is this true, or false?"

"Yes," Kourtney responds, "[her and Disick] were on vacation and we just started prank calling my mom." But it seems "yes" was all Kraines was looking for. Upon Kourtney's admission of responsibility, Kraines flashes a wordless expression toward the camera that all but screams, "victory!" After getting the admission he needed, Kraines let Kourtney in on the joke.

"Alright, Kourt. I'm at E!. That's why I was just calling you," Kraines tells her, gearing up for a punch line five-plus years in the making. Speaking to Kourtney, Kraines finishes with a "gotcha" of his own, celebrating as E!'s crew erupts into a collective fit of laughter. After all these years, this particular clap-back victory certainly seems like a well-deserved one.