This Is The Wildest Theory Yet For Why Kylie Hasn't Announced Her Pregnancy

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, the Kardashian Christmas card didn't reveal whether Kylie Jenner was pregnant, after all. Many thought that the family's final Christmas card photo would finally confirm the youngest sibling's pregnancy. Alas, it never happened. That lack of a confirmation has given rise to a new, totally wild theory via Twitter: Kylie Jenner already had her baby. Yes, if true, this would be the craziest thing the Kardashian crew has ever done.

Jenner herself, of course, has still not confirmed TMZ's original pregnancy report from September 2017 and no one from the Kardashian/Jenner family has commented on this latest theory. But, more than one Twitter user has brought this up. And, honestly, it doesn't sound completely off-base. Yet, it is still kind of far-fetched, unfortunately.

Even though it's random, it's possible that this theory started because the young reality star has been MIA for some time now, including in the Kardashian's Christmas photos. Aside from a couple of brief appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner has rarely been seen on her family's popular show. She's also rarely been seen out in public or at high-profile events like her famous sisters. The 20-year-old, who's an avid social media user, has shied away from posting full-body shots, which could show a sign of a baby bump. Instead, she's been busy posting selfies (with her torso not in view) and throwback photos of herself.

One person even joked about this theory and joked that Jenner already had the baby because of how far along Khloé Kardashian is with her own pregnancy, which the star recently confirmed on Instagram. That's definitely an interesting way to look at it.

Here are all of the ways that people are reacting to this crazy theory.

Talk About Wild

They said that if Khloé is six months along, like she said on Twitter, and Jenner's pregnancy was reported first, it's possible that her baby's already out there. They're probably joking but... it makes sense.

Mind Blowing

PopSugar's Kirbie Johnson also tweeted about the insane theory. Yeah, their gif says a lot about how mind blown everyone would be if this is true.

A Case For The FBI

It's time to start putting on your Kris Jenner-esque sleuthing skills, dolls. This baby theory is truly a case for the FBI.

Just Sayin'

One Twitter user wanted it on record that they think Jenner already had her bundle of joy.

A Major Plot Twist

One person had a theory to why Kim Kardashian's Christmas Day photo took so long to be released: Kylie already had the baby and they were set to reveal it. Everyone now knows that Kim didn't reveal anything like that. But, could it still be true that Jenner already had her baby?

A Few Days Time

Another Twitter user theorizes that she had the baby and will announce the child's birth soon. One can only hope!


Yep, this user is laying down their truth. They said that Jenner already welcomed her child. If it's true, this would certainly be some major, major news.

It's The Truth

Fashionista's Tyler McCall said that everyone just has to accept this theory as our new reality. And that Jenner's baby is already making more money than everyone already. Where's the lie, though?

The Baby's Already Here

Another Twitter user is saying that she already had her baby. Um, can you post some photos to confirm this please, Kylie?

Calling It

This person's calling it. They said Jenner's going to skip the pregnancy announcement, like her sister Khloé, and go straight into a baby reveal. Maybe we'll be seeing a youngster pop up on Snapchat sometime soon?

While it's probably not the case that the reality star already had her baby, some Twitter users are convinced otherwise. Still, this theory is so exciting that it would make up for the fact that she didn't announce her reported pregnancy on the family Christmas card. Kylie, the ball is now in your court to either confirm or deny this wild baby news.