Cole Sprouse Just Confirmed He's Going To Sing In The 'Riverdale' Musical Episode, So Get Ready

Dean Buscher/The CW

After weeks of speculation, the Riverdale cast has confirmed a rumor about the show's next episode, airing Wednesday, March 20. It turns out that Cole Sprouse will sing in Riverdale's Heathers musical episode, even though Jughead isn't on the student cast list for the production.

"I'm excited for them to see Cole sing, for sure," K.J. Apa (Archie Andrews) told TV Guide during a video interview about the episode. Charles Melton (Reggie Mantle) chimed in, too, adding, "I think we're all excited that he's finally gonna be a part of the musical."

The actors' statements are music to fans' ears, as it wasn't originally clear that Jughead would be on stage in the show. When Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a photo of the Riverdale High student cast list for Heathers, the flyer listed Jughead as the show's "security detail," not as an actor in the musical. (And after Midge showed up dead during the school's production of Carrie: The Musical, the need for security is pretty evident.)

But it looks like Riverdale has some tricks up its sleeve. Whether Jughead has an as-yet-unannounced role in the production or he fills in for another student at the last second, he's definitely making his way onstage. Photos from the upcoming Riverdale episode, titled "Big Fun," show Jughead in a rehearsal for the show, although he seems to be wearing a Serpents T-shirt while everyone else is in costume.

Dean Buscher/The CW

"Honestly, at this point, Riverdale is whatever it is week to week," Sprouse told TV Guide. "So it [the musical] seems pretty right on target for the narrative of our show."

The actor isn't wrong. Between an underground fight club, a high schooler running a speakeasy, and Archie being attacked by a bear, "right on target" could mean just about anything for the CW series. So fans should expect a pretty wild ride. Still, at least we know that whatever's in store for the next musical, Jughead will play a central role.

Sprouse's character isn't the only one making his stage debut in the episode, either. Melton pointed out that Reggie also wasn't in the school's production of Carrie: The Musical last season. "I think he's excited about it, 'cause he wasn't in it last year," Melton told TV Guide of his character. "And I think he was a little offended by that." The actor added that he's the "best guy dancer on the show," so it sounds like Reggie will be breaking out some serious moves.

As far as who everyone's playing, well, most of the main characters have taken on roles in the show. Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty are playing the three Heathers, while Josie will be Veronica. Archie is playing Kurt, Reggie is playing Ram, and Sweet Pea is playing J.D. Even Toni and Evelyn are taking on supporting roles in the show. And it looks like Evelyn might have a role backstage, too, since the production is apparently "sponsored by The Farm," according to the flyer.

Knowing Riverdale, something will probably go wrong at the big production. But at least Jughead will finally be singing, which is sure to be a treat for fans.