This Instagrammer Gives Dolls Epic Makeovers That Will Inspire You To Step Up Your Hair Game

If one of your favorite parts about owning a doll when you were younger was brushing her silky, silky hair, just wait until you discover this Instagram account. Rafinha Silva is the Brazilian artist behind the Instagram page We Love the Royal Dolls, where he creates life-like, custom-order dolls with better hair than you have ever had.

It all started for Silva with his love for Amy Winehouse. In 2013, his admiration for the singer pushed him to create a doll replica of her, and he soon discovered that he loved the experience of customizing. He told his friend about the idea, and she decided to nudge him into a dream he was hesitant to reach for.

"Without me knowing, she bought a lot of dolls on Ebay and sent it to my house. There were four beautiful Barbie dolls, which enabled me to create and try out various styles," Silva shares with Bustle.

From there, he spent his time creating dolls with long blown-out or curly hair, crafted with his own artistic abilities. He usually creates the custom orders by upcycling Barbies, utilizing different editions and body parts to ad hoc a perfect customization. Once he orders the pieces, he wipes off the paint, removes the hair, and does his magic. He paints on the new face using characteristics the client listed, and adds on the drop dead gorgeous hair he's known for.

According to Cosmopolitan, he has been creating these works of art since 2013, and has delivered more than 500 dolls. To truly appreciate how fabulous these orders are, you have to see the hairstyles he's crafted over the years. Take a peek at them below.

Gray Hair

You'll be hard pressed not to pull up a picture of this doll at your next hair appointment. With silky, waist length hair in a dreamy blend of powdery blue and grey, this doll has the pastel hair trend down.

Ombre Locks

First of all, love the lipstick and camera accessories. Secondly, her ombre hair is ideal. With a toasted auburn on top that fades into a sandy brown at the ends, Silva nailed the hairstyle.

Deep Roots

Channeling Khloe Kardashian, the doll has dramatic fake eyelashes, a killer smokey eye, and the best blown out hair ever seen outside of a salon. The deep roots also add interest to the look, creating an edgy contrast.

Blown Out Styles

I know this is done on a doll, but can we get a tutorial on how to recreate those perfect waves on our own locks? Because I would like to look this put-together just once.


Braids are also a fan favorite, but this one is extra special thanks to its two-tone color. Rocking an auburn-pink hybrid on top, the strands fade into a bright orange shade at the tips. You won't see an original doll like this in a department store, so thank goodness for artists like Silva to deliver to our needs.

Curly 'Dos

One of Silva's most staggering creations are his curly haired dolls. With full heads of hair, the dolls have springy curls that create an impressive and regal mane. This particular doll has a golden blonde that makes you think of summer and beaches.

Contrasting Highlights

Doll requesters aren't afraid of asking for bold hairstyles. This particular look blends platinum blonde hair with black highlights, but in a very modern way. Rather than harking back to the early 2000's with chunky highlights, Silva threaded black through the lighter strands, making it 'do look more up-to-date.

Silver Styles

This one makes you want to kneel and give thanks. Period.

Pink Trends

This cotton candy pink style looks like a fantasy. Styled with cornrows on the side, this look lets the curls spiral and gather on the other side, resulting in a dreamy fall of hair that looks like it can appear on the front pages of a magazine.

The Transformation

If you're curious to see how Silva transforms the old Barbie dolls, here's a great breakdown on his Instagram. You can see what a drastic change it is, and how he puts his own special style and expertise into each creation.

Who thought you would ever envy the show-stopping hair of a doll?