These Royal Wedding Menu Preparation Photos Will Make You Drool

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You are cordially invited to witness the most royal meal preparation of your life. Just a week before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials, Kensington Palace revealed menu items for the royal wedding, and anyone who even gets a peek at them will feel a tad more refined. After all, the royals and their guests can only be served with the best of the best.

The highly-anticipated wedding will take place at Windsor Castle on Saturday, May 19, and the head chef has given fans a peek of what the royal wedding menu preparations entail. The photos alone are drool-worthy. But before fans get a taste, they should probably know that Prince Harry and Markle were actually super involved in picking out the menu. According to head chef Mark Flanagan, the bride and groom-to-be were "very involved in every detail of it." In fact, they attended several tastings at the castle's kitchen in March, trying out each and every potential dish, made from scratch. Their 600 guests won't have a bite of anything before Prince Harry and Markle have tried it for themselves first, because yes, they really are that considerate.

The first type of item chef Mark hinted would make its way to the royal plates inolves fresh produce that'll give the menu vibrant colors and tastes. (OK, veggies may not sound like the most appealing item, but from the looks of it, this kitchen will make them gorgeous and tasty.)

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Chef Mark insisted that only the "freshest" produce available will be used in the various dishes and that the vegetables will be delivered from the best farms across U.K. counties. Photos preview artichokes, snap peas, and asparagus, all with beautiful, various green colors. And the taste won't disappoint either. "Luckily the seasons have just fallen perfectly, and that's become the main focus in the decision making of the menus," the chef hinted about the specific menu choices.

If you aren't salivating yet, the next preview of the menu consisted of dessert. Desserts prepared for the recent Windsor Horse Show that just took place are a good indication of the sweets that will be served on Saturday. Chef Mark and his team prepared dishes like bite-sized Crème brûlée, biscuits with mango panna cotta topping, and yellow macaroons.

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On the official royal website, the castle's pastry chef Selwyn Stoby gave some insight on how he makes the delectable chocolate truffles (which are said to be a favorite at the Windsor Castle). He and his team fill each individual chocolate shell with a "special" chocolate sauce, which has been carefully mixed in a bowl beforehand. Photos show trays of hollow chocolate shells with nearby bowls filled with melted chocolate. Basically, it sounds like a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. Then, the truffles are closed before being dipped in more melted chocolate. Hopefully no one attending this wedding is on a strict diet.

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Back in 2015, the internet got a hold of the menu at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding (because why wouldn't it?) and perhaps it can serve as a preview until more details are revealed. The three-course meal at their wedding, obtained by Marie Claire, started with marinated South Uist salmon, Lyme Bay crab, wild Hebridean langoustines, and a fresh herb salad. The second course had familiar items that the kitchen is prepping now (hint: asparagus). It consisted of Saddle of North Highland Mey Select organic lamb, Highgrove spring vegetables, English asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes, and a secret "sauce Windsor." Dessert consisted of a trio of Berkshire honey ice cream, sherry trifle, and chocolate parfaits served with coffee and mint tea.

Now, if any royal wedding attendees can smuggle some leftovers back to the states this time around, that would be fab.