'The Sandlot' Stars Had An EPIC Fan Run-In You Need To See

The Sandlot is a widely beloved film, and it's no surprise that fans might want to snap a photo with the movie's stars. But when two Sandlot stars had a hilarious run-in with a fan on Wednesday though, it was them who asked him for a photo, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Patrick Renna, who played Hamilton "Ham" Porter in the 1993 film and Tom Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls, ran into a young guy on the streets of New York who was donning a T-shirt featuring photo of Ham, with his baseball bat over his shoulder and his finger pointed up at the sky, alongside the film's famous catchphrase, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

Despite wearing a T-shirt embossed with Renna's character, hilariously, the fan didn't recognize the actors, but when they asked if he'd pose for a photo, he agreed anyway. To be fair, it's been over two decades since The Sandlot was released, and Renna and Guiry both look a bit different now as fully grown adults.

Renna, who most recently appeared on Season 2 of the Netflix hit GLOW, tweeted the photo on Wednesday evening, writing, "Said nice shirt to this dude walking by us and he had no idea what we were talking about. Thought I would capture the moment." In the picture, Renna and Guiry stand on either side of the guy, all smiling even if the supposed fan didn't know who had just approached him.

The cast of the film, which tells the story of a team of young baseball players in during the summer of 1962, recently reunited on The Today Show in honor of the movie's 25-year anniversary. Renna, Guiry, and co-stars Chauncey Leopardi, Brandon Quintin Adams, Marty York, Shane Obedzinski, Grant Gelt, and Shane Obedzinski, who played Spuintz, DeNunez, Yeah-Yeah, Timmy, Bertram, and Repeat, repsectively, got together with the film's writer, director, and narrator David Mickey Evans to talk about its legacy.

"I mean, it definitely gets you in places for free," York told Today's Gadi Schwartz. "I can't walk through a Las Vegas casino without someone yelling 'Yeah-Yeah!'"

"The film was made with the same amount of love that people have for it, and it was the greatest summer of our lives,” Evans said, while Renna added, "Seeing these guys, some of them I haven't seen in 25 years, but it is just like we're back."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the group also considered how the film might be different today. They — correctly — noted that the film definitely had some sexist moments. One of The Sandlot's most famous lines, "You play baseball like a girl," probably wouldn't make the final cut in 2018 would definitely not make the cut. When asked if if that line would appear in a modern version of the movie, Evans said, "It would if you wanted it to fail miserably."

They also hinted at a possible revival, with Evans looking at the camera and jokingly asking executives at Fox, "Did you hear that?" Obedzinski added, "People seem to want it, from the reactions I've gotten, and I mean, I know we're all interested in what could be."

While there's no confirmation of anything yet, with countless shows being rebooted and revived, it seems totally possible that fans might see Ham and the gang back on screen soon. And if the fan Renna and Guiry took a photo with and his T-shirt are any indication, the demand is definitely there.