The Mother's Day 'SNL' Cold Open Is Hilarious & Super Sweet

Will Heath/NBC

This isn't the first time that the Saturday Night Live cast has brought their mothers on the show — but this week's Mother's Day cold open was the perfect way to do something light and sincere for the holiday. The casts' IRL moms opened Saturday Night Live this week with adorable, funny introductions. When you call your mother on Sunday morning, make sure to chime in enthusiastically when they mention just how nice it was for SNL to do that.

Ten of the sixteen cast members (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Luke Null, Melissa Villaseñor, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Colin Jost, and Pete Davidson) participated in the cold open, introducing their mom and then doing a quick bit. A lot of the jokes seemed to revolve around some of the moms being Trump supporters, or not liking that the show does so much political material? Interesting. That is one way to address criticism of a show that has always satirized the climate of the day.

Bryant stated that theme at the top of the cold open, saying that usually they use that time in the show for divisive political material — but everyone can celebrate moms. Not all of the political jabs at the cast seemed super sincere, and it's not like the moms in question were attacking their children. It makes a smaller statement that "bubbles" aren't as impenetrable as we are lead to believe, and we can disagree on things and still love each other at the end of the day. Watch the cold open below:

"I don't know why everyone isn't focused on Trump when they should be focused on Jesus," said Redd's mom. "Jesus isn't President, Mom," Redd replied — and "that's the problem," according to his mother.

Plenty of the moms poke fun at their children by saying they prefer other cast members and their senses of humor, that they actually never guessed their child would make it on a show like this, or that they were planning to go wild at the after party now that they're on the show. Thompson's mother said she, like many of us, can't remember a time that her son wasn't on the show any more. Davidson assured his mother that the male anatomy was off limits for the Mother's Day show. Villaseñor's mother whispered in Spanish that if her daughter isn't in a sketch, she doesn't watch it — and don't you kind of wish your mom would do that for you? The concept of an "ensemble show" doesn't really apply to your mom.

Then there's Bennet's mother, who asks another common question of the long-running NBC comedy series: why are so many of the sketches talk shows and game shows? Also, bring back Wayne's World! The jokes were well balanced.

For some of us, appearing with our mothers on live television might be a nightmare. Not all of the SNL moms are as comfortable on camera as the next. Some are clearly taking advantage of their 15 minutes, while others are just happy to be there. That's part of what makes sketches like this so sweet! Everyone dressed up. Everyone is hugging, and laughing, and genuine.

The last time the show did something like this, it was 2016. Brie Larson was the host and her mom joined her for her monologue before the cast brought on their own madres. Fans might actually recognize some of the repeat mom visits from that monologue. Can they do Father's Day next? Imagine Saturday Night Live with Dad jokes. All in all this was a fun way to kick off Mother's Day that reminds us that even SNL cast members have families just like us.