The 'Sense8' Season 2 Trailer Shows The Netflix Series Could Be Getting Political — VIDEO

Sense8 is destined to become one of Netflix's most overtly political shows in 2017. Sense8's Season 2 trailer premiered on Monday and shows the sensates uniting against a common enemy. It would appear the sensates are going to be fighting a major battle. After the relatively light Sense8 Christmas special, the second season is promising that it's going to build on some of the political groundwork it laid in its first season. In showing that the sensates are coming together, Sense8 could actually become the political show that we all need right now.

In the Season 2 trailer, it becomes clear that as the sensates continue to strengthen their mental connection and are not about to let the powers that be collude to break them apart. Their greatest threat, the BPO, has grown more fervent in their hunt to collect them all and harness their energy. The battle lines are being drawn and an emphasis on survival through unity reads most strongly in the trailer.

Maybe it's because the world we are actually living in is growing more uncertain and politically divided by the day, but this Sense8 trailer's emphasis on the unity of these very different characters feels more overtly political than the first season did. In fairness to Sense8, there's no way to tell if that was the intention during Season 2's production, to make the second season's main opposition — sensates vs. the BPO — so eerily mirror the distinct tension between citizens and their governments happening right now around the world. In a way, it feels like Sense8's second season could be a totally cathartic viewing experience if this is opposition does play out the way its trailer is setting it up.

A group of people, from all walks of life, speaking multiple languages yet connected through one common bond, forced to fight against a shadowy and powerful group dead set on acquiring their special powers. That's been Sense8's essential premise within its high concept world from Day 1. It's been an intriguing one, too, because it demands that we view these eight very different people as one body and mind. We like to think that this is how we can come together in real life. That we can set aside our difference and work together for a common (good) goal.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.

If Sense8's second season is gearing up to show us what that dream looks like, then count me all the way in on watching.