You Need To Watch Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill's 'SNL' Cameo During James Franco's Monologue

Will Heath/NBC

On Saturday, Dec. 9, James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time and a few of his friends dropped by to support him. Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill made cameos on SNL during Franco's monologue and it was a hilarious show of support for their friend and frequent collaborator. Legendary comedian Steve Martin also drops by the monologue, and, later in episode, Franco's brother Dave makes an appearance. James Franco begins the monologue with an audience Q&A that quickly gets derailed once he recognizes Rogen behind the audience member asking a question.

Rogen claims to have won the SNL random lottery for tickets and says he's looking forward to seeing musical guest SZA perform. "I asked you earlier in the week to do a sketch with me and you said, 'Sorry, I have something,'" Franco says to Rogen, who responds, "Yeah, I had SNL tickets and they're really hard to get." Rogen and Franco engage in some playful banter about why Franco has hosted the show more than Rogen (who has hosted twice by his count) and why Franco's solo movies get more Oscar buzz than their collaborative efforts on the big screen. Before long, Jonah Hill returns to his seat next to Rogen to join in on the fun. "Did I miss SZA?" Hill asks Rogen, before Franco explains that he is hosting the show. "Oh, do people want to see that?" Hill asks, jokingly.

Will Heath/NBC

Then, Steve Martin peeks out from the mezzanine seats while holding a soda. "James, I want to you to know I used to stand in that very spot and host Saturday Night Live and be a big star and I resent it so much," Martin tells Franco playfully, but then Franco reminds him that he's, you know, the legendary Steve Martin. As the monologue closes, Rogen and Hill join Franco on stage, showing it was all in good fun. This bit reunited a trio of actors who starred together in the 2013 comedy This Is The End, and the 2007 movie Knocked Up (Franco had a cameo). Franco and Rogen also starred opposite each other in Pineapple Express and the controversial 2014 movie The Interview. Hill, Rogen, and Dave Franco starred together in the 2007 hit movie Superbad. It was definitely nostalgic to see all of these actors together again on SNL, especially since they had starred in such beloved, hilarious flicks opposite one another.

Will Heath/NBC

Dave shows up in the last sketch of the night, in which James Franco encounters his "Cousin Mandy" on the porch outside his family reunion. Mandy constantly refers to Dave as the successful Franco brother to James. At the end of the sketch, Dave emerges from the house and it's clear that both Mandy and Dave are on the same family wavelength.

James Franco took on many different characters during the quirky SNL episode, including a CFO being fired for sexual harassment, a bitter spelling bee announcer, a wise party goer on the roof/angel in a modern A Christmas Carol parody, and himself as a homeless person studying for a future movie role. In a filmed short called "Christmas Charity," SNL cast member Cecil Strong gives a homeless man a pastry and coffee, along with a new wardrobe, before learning that it's actually Franco, who is prepping for a movie role. And who knows, that (fictional) movie role could be opposite Rogen and Hill.

Watch Rogen, Hill, and Martin's cameos in Franco's SNL monologue in the video below.

It was definitely fun to see these funny actors all together in the same sketch on SNL. Perhaps this means they'll reunite on the big screen once again soon.