These Are The Up-And-Coming Sex Products You Need To Know About

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From the eye-catching displays of new sex-positive products to the expert-led sessions geared towards de-stigmatization and education, the 2017 New York City Sex Expo's commitment to shame-free sexuality in its many forms was truly partwarming.

Few folks in the packed Brooklyn EXPO Center weren't cracking a smile of delight or indulging in an awkward laugh or two as they pored over the vibrators, dildos, erotica, lingerie, and other goodies that were piled up artfully on dozens of booths around the hall. Catering to both newbies and sexperts alike, the Sex Expo was just as welcoming to folks hankering to buy their first sex toy to use solo as it was to those looking to be amongst likeminded sex positive folks for a weekend of advanced sexploration. There was truly something for everyone. And in a time of nationwide strife where sexual assault protections are being rolled back for college students and female bodily autonomy and sexuality remains demonized by the Republican majority, an event like this was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Here are eight cherry picked sex-positive products from the Sex Expo that are sure to bring you pleasure:


Clandestine Devices' Mimic

Kristen Sollee

Mimic, $125, Clandestine Devices

Being acquainted with dozens of toys on the market can make it easy to get a little jaded, but the Mimic is truly the most unique vibe I've seen in years. (And yes, I audibly squealed when I first held it.) Clandestine Devices' newest creation for external stimulation was inspired by the sleek shape of the sea's most elegant creature — the stingray — and it nestles in your hand with ergonomic ease. Looking at the Mimic, it's not exactly obvious what kind of parts it's meant to arouse, and that's the true beauty of it. The Mimic's silky body safe silicone is fully submersible for ultimate wetness, it's USB rechargeable, and it even has a glowing LED light to help you find it in the dark.


Unbound's New Line Of Sexual Products

Kristen Sollee

Unbound is a woman owned-and-run sensual subscription service which offers chic sex-positive products that run the gamut from gold-plated handcuff bracelets to vibrators to lingerie. Although the company has thus far partnered with other toymakers for the goods they stuff their boxes with, this November, Unbound will release their very own line, which includes two unique vibrators; a 100 percent vegan, paraben-free lube; and flushable wipes for freshness post-sex or toy cleaning on the go.


Bad Dragon's Monster Dildos

Kristen Sollee

The Bad Dragon booth at the Sexpo was arguably the most selfie-worthy of the bunch — particularly for the sci-fi and fantasy freaks. Their creatively shaped and color customizable dildos are designed to fulfill your dreams of being penetrated by a dragon, tongued by a Tauntaun or romanced by a cephalopod. And for the slightly less adventurous, Bad Dragon toys simply make for great decor.


b-Vibe's Anal Toys

Kristen Sollee

B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2, $150, Babeland

Remote controlled vibes are nothing new, but few are designed specifically for two types of anal pleasure. Enter b-Vibe's Rimming Plug 2, which is the first butt plug to incorporate not only tip vibration but rotating beads for unparalleled sensation right at your backdoor's entrance.


Doc Johnson's Anal Trainer Set

Kristen Sollee

Anal Trainer Set, $61, Doc Johnson

Speaking of anal toys, those who might want to try out something like the b-Vibe but haven't delved into that area before would do well to check out Doc Johnson's adorable anal trainer set. They come in eye-popping colors and graduated sizes to start small and work your way up.



Kristen Sollee

Although much of the Sexpo centers around ways to spend your money, Chaturbate's how-to booth was all about ways to make it. As the world's largest XXX camming site, Chaturbate allows amateurs and professional web cam wielders alike to get daily pay outs from having live, online sexy chats with folks from around the world. So if you're in the market to make pleasure their business, Chaturbate is one way to see if cashing in from the comfort of your laptop in your skivvies is right for you.


Haute Chocolate

Kristen Sollee

One of the highlights of the Sexpo for me this year was its foray into edible treats. Amidst the vibrators and lingerie, Brooklyn's own Haute Chocolate was on site selling their artisanal handmade bars that celebrate sensuality and beauty in every bite. From the mega babes featured on the wrappers to the flavors housed within (the new Spiced Chai blew my mind), Haute Chocolate has virtuous hedonism on lock. Chocolate, like sex, offers a surge of sensation with its oxytocin release, so it's no wonder the two go together like dildos and lube.



Kristen Sollee

As a long time user of Chakrubs' crystal sexual wellness products, it was a thrill to see them back at the Sexpo, sharing their tools for unlocking the potential of sacred, healing sex. Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, Chakrubs offers much to sex positive witchy folks all wrapped up in a stunning package. Above all, their products challenge the sacred/profane binary that has done so much to stigmatize sex in our culture, and how can you beat that?

As I left Sexpo on Sunday with a bag full of toys and a selenite wand from the Chakrubs booth, I reflected on how much magic was present in the building. Magic not in the supernatural sense, but in the sense of the indefinable energy that arises when so many people join together with the shared purpose of cultivating community and encouraging sex positivity at a time when the world needs it most. Until next year!