The ‘Black Panther’ Lexus Commercial Features A Song You’ll Be Obsessed With

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If you're not yet obsessed with Black Panther, this new commercial will make sure that you are. Lexus' Black Panther Super Bowl commercial features the titular hero — as well as his young sister Shuri and Dora Milaje leader Okoye — and some very shiny Lexus LS 500 F SPORTs. It's all set to music that will sound familiar to anyone who spends a lot of their time watching promos for the upcoming film: the song in the Lexus Black Panther commercial is "Legend Has It" by Run The Jewels.

After being introduced in Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther — or T'Challa, as he's known out of costume — will be leading his own solo film set in his home country of Wakanda. Considering the superhero movie features a predominantly black cast, to say that fans are excited would be an understatement. Snoop Dogg and Octavia Spencer are trying to fund free screening for fans of color who might not be able to afford to see the film, and even celebrities like Donald Glover — who featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming but will not be in Black Panther — and Ava DuVernay have expressed how much this superhero film means to them.

Basically, Black Twitter is lit, and the commercial does a lot to show exactly why.

It depicts the young king of Wakanda riding atop a Lexus driven by Okoye; he then leaps off and defeats a series of bad guys to retrieve some Vibranium, a resource that is abundant in Wakanda, that makes up part of Black Panther's impenetrable costume, and that Wakanda maintains their isolationist policies to protect from the grubby hands of the outside world. After slipping the Vibranium in the trunk for Okoye to drive away with, T'Challa calls upon his sister Shuri to bring his ride. She does this by driving what appears to be a hologram version of the car that remotely controls the real car, which T'Challa jumps into when it arrives in order to attend an event out of costume with the Dora Milaje in tow.

The luxury and badassery of the commercial is highlighted by the badass rhymes of "Legend Has It," specifically the lyrics, "Step into the spotlight. And the crowd goes RTJ!" Black Panther is doing nothing if not stepping into the spotlight with this film and with this commercial. However, the other lyrics of the song certainly apply to this hero as well, including lines like, "I became famous for flamin' you f*cks, maimin' my way through the brush" and "There is no training or taming of me and my bruh, look like a man, but I'm animal rah."

"Legend Has It" was released in 2016 as part of Run the Jewels 3, the third studio album by the hip-group. Although the music video that accompanies the song is more than a little bizarre, the beat and the grandiose lyrics are sure to get everyone in the mood to save the world.

And it's far from the only song that will be stuck in your head before and after the film comes out. The Black Panther soundtrack will be produced by Kendrick Lamar, who appeared with SZA on the lead single called "All The Stars." On Jan. 31, Lamar unveiled the track list for the soundtrack on Twitter, as well as revealing that it would be released on Feb. 9.

In addition to Lamar, who will also appear on "King's Dead" and two unreleased tracks called "Black Panther" and "Big Shot," the album features 2Chainz, Future, and The Weeknd, among many other big names in music right now. What the track list does not feature is "Legend Has It," despite the song's prominence in Black Panther advertisement to this point.

But that's OK. This Lexus commercial will ensure you never forget the song — or the character.