This One Disturbing Detail Has Everyone Talking About The 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Trailer

Be warned, '90s kids: Sonic The Hedgehog is back, but he looks a little different. While the Sega star is still blue, spiky, and faster than ever, there is one detail in the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer that has everyone talking. For some reason, the new Sonic The Hedgehog has human teeth and the Twitterverse is losing its mind over it. But, the rest of us, well, we're reaping all the benefits.

The new, live action Sonic (voiced by Parks and Rec's Ben Schwartz) has arrived — to the sound of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise," no less — and he's brought an energy surge with him that's knocked out the power grid in the entire Pacific Northwest. Now, the U.S. government's got no choice but to bring in Doctor Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, to take down Sonic, who's really there to save our planet from this evil doctor. Plot aside, there's another choice the comedy made that fans want to discuss. And it's the decision to give Sonic those chompers, which look more human than hedgehog to well, everyone.

Mid-way through the trailer, Sonic introduces himself to a cop, Tom Wachowski (played by James Marsden). The scene isn't all that notable, it's gone viral thanks to its stunning display of Sonic's impressive dental features.

As a fan named @AShadowStreak pointed out after catching a glimpse of what's going on inside Sonic's mouth. "Look its Sonic and his perfectly normal human teeth," they wrote. That tweet is clearly dripping with sarcasm since Sonic's pearly whites are really a sight to behold — and no, that's not meant as a compliment.

The minute fans saw Sonic's teeth, they had to share their feelings with the world. Some were just horrified by this choice. "Okay so like I've had a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog since i was little," @taegislutt tweeted. "But this omg im sorry baby when you open your mouth it’s scary."

At least one person was making therapy appointments to deal with it. "My Therapist: You need to stop fixating on sonic with human teeth, he isn't real. He can't hurt you," @PrinceThespian tweeted alongside a photo of Sonic with his human teeth that proved that might not be true.

While others made the case that the filmmakers needed to make Sonic's teeth either look cartoonish or like a real hedgehog's, not whatever it is they've done here.

"i think this is just me but i think. that sonic would have looked LESS scary with improbably angry real hedgehog teeth," user @deedubbayuh tweeted.

The Sonic human teeth fanfic, though, got real dark real quick and will have you wondering if Sonic's co-star Marsden is OK. "Sonic’s awful human teeth are FINE," @JustinDrapkin tweeted. "Mostly because they’re not his and he only collects them from bad kids he murders in their sleep and only wears them on the night of the seventh blood moon. Totally normal!"

Another person, @YellowHellion warned of the legend of Sonic The Hedgehog and his human teeth. "Be careful about letting your legs hang off the side of your bed when you sleep or Live Action Sonic will emerge from under your bed and nibble all your toes off with his powerful human teeth," they wrote.

This Sonic might look a little off, but hopefully, he and his new questionable teeth have what it takes to save the world when he hits theaters this November. Otherwise, what was this all for?