The ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Trailer Shakes Things Up With Thomas' New GF


The Charmers are officially back come April 5 and they're stirring things up in the Southern Charm Season 5 trailer. Of course, there is the typical drama, but there is one big shake up this season and it's all thanks to Thomas Ravenel's girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. That's right, T-Rav has a new lady in his life and they're certainly not hiding their feelings for one another. The opening of the trailer shows the two kissing, but, obviously, it's not all blissfulness for the happy couple.

Throughout the trailer, Ashley gets involved in her fair share of drama. First, she is seen sitting down with Kathryn Dennis, where they discuss the first time Ashley met Kathryn and Thomas' children. "We met the beginning of May," Ashley tells Kathryn about meeting Thomas. "Then, the next weekend he flew me out here and I think that was the first time I had an interaction with your children." Kathryn responds, "After a week? OK." Yeah, she so isn't OK in learning Ashley met her daughter and son so quickly.

Then, while on a boat excursion with the group, T-Rav tells Kathryn to "shut the f*ck up", which Austen Kroll isn't cool with. Southern Charm friend and Kathryn supporter Danni Baird yells at Ashley, "Ashley, don't go smirking over there." Ashley defends herself and says to Danni, "You shut up, you enabler."

Of course, there is also drama with Kathryn, Thomas, and Ashley at what appears to be the annual Founder's Ball. Outside on the street, Kathryn gets in Ashley's face and declares, "I want you to know you've crossed the line and, as a mother, f*ck you. F*ck you." Yeah, it's sure doesn't look like these three are going to be one big happy family.

As Ashley informed Kathryn, she and Thomas met in May 2017, meaning they've been together for around nine months. Based on both Ashley and Thomas' Instagram accounts, it appears they are still very much a couple.

According to her Instagram bio, Ashley is a nurse, loves animals, and is proud to be a conservative when it comes to politics. All About the Tea reported in June 2017 that Ashley is a registered hospice nurse, who used to live in Santa Barbara, California. Last June, Radar Online reported Ashley and Thomas met at a bar during Cinco de Mayo in her hometown. It appears Ashley and T-Rav are quite serious. So much so, an insider told Radar Online, "She's transferring her nursing license over. She can't apply for a nursing job until she has a South Carolina license. She needs to be able to depend on herself."

Oh, and Ashley is also friends with former Southern Charm star Landon Clements, who has a lot of history with Thomas. Next to a photo of herself, Thomas, and Landon, Ashley wrote on Jan. 31, "Can’t wait to see my friend in February when I visit California @alandonclements #twinning #sistersatheart".

In addition to Ashley, there's a lot else going on in the Season 5 trailer, including what appears to be a love triangle between Austen, Chelsea Meissner (she's an official cast member now), and one of Chelsea's close friends, Victoria, who Austen is now dating. Then, there is even more arguing between Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo, who, according to Bravo's synopsis of this season, "struggle to remain friends" after breaking up.

Between all of that drama, fans can at least look forward to seeing a pregnant Cameran Eubanks, who's trying to get ready for motherhood. (She welcomed a daughter, Palmer Corrine Wimberly, in November 2017.) As for Shep Rose, yeah, he's still around and it doesn't seem like much has changed with him. Shocking, right?

To watch the trailer in its entirety, head on over to Bravo.