Mel C. & Victoria Reunite On NYE

by Kristie Rohwedder

Sporty Spice and Posh Spice may be out on that possible Spice Girls reunion that is supposed to happen later on this year (OK fine, they are the most out on it), but do you know what they're all in on? Mini Spice Girls reunions in the Maldives on NYE. As The Sun reports, at some point during the Beckham family's New Year's Eve fête, Victoria Beckham joined scheduled performer Melanie Chisholm onstage for a most stirring two-Spice rendition of "2 Become 1." Mel C. belted out the Spice Girls' third single, Vicky Becks danced and sang along with her former bandmate, and both brought the girl power to the party. As far as mini reunions go, this one takes the Spice Girls cake pop.

You know that old saying about your New Year's Eve setting the tone for the rest of your year? Well, if that's true then it looks like Beckham and Chisholm's 2017 will be as awesome as yukking it up in the Maldives and blessing fans with mini reunions. Oh, and not reuniting with the rest of the group. Ah, well. I reckon it is as the old saying goes: You zig-a-zig-ah some, you lose some.

Here are some clips of Chisholm and Beckham's duet (h/t Billboard):

Now that is how you sing in the new year.