This Hotel Will Offer CBD-Infused Gummies In Its Mini Bars & They Are Cute As HECK

Friends, we are about to enter a new era of the hotel mini bar. In addition to your typical tiny bottles of liquor, some hotels will start stocking mini bars with CBD-infused goodies. (CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients in cannabis.) Even if you’re usually a BYOB kind of person when it comes to hotel stays — no judgement, those mini bar alcohols aren’t cheap — it is nice to have the option to imbibe on hotel goodies if your own stash doesn’t suffice.

Lord Jones, an L.A.-based cannabis company, recently announced their partnership with Standard Hotels, a group of boutique hotels in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami Beach. “For the first time, CBD-infused products will be available to hotel guests inside their guest rooms,” Lord Jones posted on Instagram. Starting April 10, guests in the hotels will be able to indulge on CBD-infused gumdrops as well as the brand’s Pain & Wellness Formula body lotion.

According to Lord Jones product page, their body lotion is ideal for “sore muscles, joint pain and skin conditions,” with each 1 ml pump of lotion containing 2mg of CBD. Their gumdrops, which come nine to a box and contain 20 mg of CBD per piece, are good for...well, feeling good. Lord Jones says their gumdrops “deliver the perfect experience, every time.”

That plus room service is a dream vacation in a nutshell.

CBD is thought, by some medical professionals, to have significant medical benefits. Hemp and other CBD products can potentially help with anxiety, pain relief, and overall relaxation. “CBD is showing promise as a pain reliever, epilepsy treatment, and for wasting disease associated with cancer,” Taz Bhatia, M.D., told Women’s Health.

Is CBD legal? Yes and no. It’s legal in most states where medical marijuana is legal. Currently, 33 states have laws which specifically regulate CBD oil and hemp. However, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently announced his plan to crack down on the legalization of marijuana. Earlier this year, Sessions rescinded the Cole Memorandum, which was instituted during the Obama administration and placed lower priority on cannabis-related offenses.

Sessions’ efforts affect a significant number of states, including California, where recreational marijuana has been legalized as well at the 39 states which have relaxed marijuana-related offenses in some way.

However, marijuana for medicinal use is likely less under threat than recreational use, per the 2014 Rohrabacher-Bluemenauer Amendment prohibiting the Department of Justice from interfering with medical marijuana laws in states where it has been legalized.

While Standard Hotels may boast some of the first CBD-infused mini bar products, other hotels have stocked their rooms with unique goods for their guests. In 2015, a hotel in Belgium introduced a fashion mini bar, allowing guests to browse and borrow their selection of clothing and accessories. It even came with a fashion menu, allowing guests to call the concierge and order a different size of whatever item you wanted to wear.

According to Travel and Leisure, there’s a hotel in China treats its guests to cans of oxygen. (The hotel is 10,000 feet above sea level. Hence the high-altitude-themed “snack.”) At the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotels, guests could find a mini bar selection of Alexander Wang-designed condoms. (Because fashion can be functional.) Proceeds of the designer condoms benefited Planned Parenthood. (Because fashion can also be philanthropic.)

So, when planning your next hotel stay, perhaps the city outside your room won’t be your only deciding factor. At the very least, maybe you’ll feel compelled to treat yourself to a mini bar goodie or three during your next overnight stay.

Readers should note that the regulations and data surrounding marijuana, CBD, and other related products are still developing. As such, the information contained in this post should not be construed as medical or legal advice. Always consult with your doctor before trying any substance or supplement.