The Super Bowl Babies Ad Is Too Cute For Words


The 2017 Super Bowl has given everyone so much: a football game with high stakes, a Lady Gaga halftime show, and lots of awesome commercials. And one particular ad spot brought the cuteness. The Super Bowl Babies in the 2017 NFL Super Bowl commercial are too adorable for words. In the ad, the cuties are dressed just like grown-ups, but not just any adults — they're dressed just like football legends such as Mike Ditka, Joe Namath, Von Miller, and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. And I have to say, the babies are way cuter than their adult counterparts. Because you know, babies are cute.

Set to Chicago's classic song "You're The Inspiration," the commercial shows the adorable toddlers as the legendary players and coach. "Super Bowl legends inspire Super Bowl babies," the ad's text reads. The Belichick baby has a cute little scowl and the coach's signature hoodie. The Namath baby is dressed in a full-length fur coat, and it's so adorable. "Born from greatness," the commercial text reads. "Who's next?" Because any one of these kids could one day be the next football legend playing in the Super Bowl. It's a sweet reminder that the children are indeed the future — including on the football field.

It's 30-second interlude of adorableness within a game filled with sacks, touchdowns, and amazing ads. Seems like the NFL knew just what kind of respite to give its viewers during the game. This commercial is sort of the sequel to the popular Super Bowl Babies ad from 2016, which featured "Kiss From A Rose" By Seal sung by a choir of kids.

And if you missed it, don't worry — the 2017 babies are available for repeat viewings on YouTube. Embrace the cuteness and watch the full commercial in the video above.