The Internet Is Still Reeling From This WTF 'Teletubbies' News

If you haven't been paying attention to the Teletubbies, there's been a very startling development: Apparently, the Teletubbies had babies, and the internet was not at all prepared. Twitter user Lyen Krenz Yap seems to be the first to have made the discovery, leading to an onslaught of WTF reactions. A quick click over to the official Teletubbies website confirms the news. There are now eight pint-sized characters dubbed "Tiddlytubbies." Yep, Tiddlytubbies.

The site goes on to explain that the Tiddlytubbies “live with the Teletubbies in their own special part of the Home Dome" and like to hang out in their playroom. They range in color from violet to vibrant green and have a smorgasbord of different personalities. Mi-Mi, for example, is their leader and likes to speed crawl, while Baa enjoys surprising people and is always wandering off.

All of this immediately raises a laundry list of questions. First of all, the Teletubbies are babies, right? Or at least alien creatures whose faces look eerily like babies? And if so, how did they even procreate? Was there a pregnancy storyline, or was there one episode where they all just kind of showed up? Who watches them while the grown-up Teletubbies are out frolicking in the field? Also, isn't this really confusing for the baby sun?

To be fair, there's no information that says the Teletubbies are definitely the Tiddlytubbies' parents, but Twitter is still reeling.

Yap Couldn't Handle It

"I was a big fan of the Teletubbies growing up," Yap told BuzzFeed. "And to find out they had KIDS I...shookt."

Others Were In Denial

Let's not go there.

This User Went Straight For The Puns

It was too tempting.

And One Person Hopped On The Conspiracy Train

This took commitment.

However the Tiddlytubbies came to be, this is a lot to process. Best of luck, dear readers, best of luck.