Sisqó Starred In A ‘00s Rom-Com That You Almost Forgot About

Miramax Films

It was the best of times, it was the — no, still just the best of times. Between the early '90s and early '00s, loose modern day remakes of Shakespeare classics set in high schools ruled the silver screen, which led to Sisqó starring in 2001 rom-com, Get Over It. Somehow, the wonderfully silly movie never quite won the adulation of similar offerings, like 10 Things I Hate About You, say, or My Own Private Idaho. But, given the presence of one of the most hottest musicians of the era, the movie's significance shouldn't be denied.

For one thing, despite landing the friend-of-the-lead role that is Dennis, Sisqó gets some of the best lines. This is because Berke, the lead we're meant to be rooting for, is kind of a sap. The movie has tried to give us everyman characters to support with both Berke and Kirsten Dunst's female lead, but somehow both roles feel a little watered down in contrast to the larger than life quality of the supporting roles. Dennis poses a contrast to that and, while his best friend wilts and almost weeps over losing his girlfriend and her gaining a "British" boy band boyfriend, he's on hand to dish out that all-important reality check: "You know, next year you guys were going to be going to different schools. What were you going to do, marry her?"

And for a man who is peculiarly all-knowing and grounded as a teen when it comes to matters of dating, you'll probably not be surprised to learn that he gets a pretty sweet romance of his own with Basin, a character played by Mila Kunis (who would have been just 18 when this film came out). Just like Dennis, Basin is more prominent than just a placeholder in the script. When he fawns over her upon first meeting her, she does what any person might in a club with a stranger undressing them with their eyes before they've even said hello: she snarls "Can I help you?" before she exits.

Dennis will have to earn her respect by taking her partner's place in their high school's modern musical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream when her dance partner drinks some funky punch and has to drop out. No spoilers, but luckily his nickname is "Crazy Legs" and his character is as talented on the dance floor as Sisqó's beach gymnastics in "The Thong Song" video led you to believe. The end of their storyline will have you smiling forever.

But the best part of the movie is that last song. The Unleash the Dragon musician delivers a bubblegum-infused take on Earth, Wind & Fire's iconic track "September" in tandem with singer Vitamin C. It's challenging to take on one of the most beloved tracks of all time, but he does it with gusto, delivering a gleefully kitschy take on the 1978 hit.

Maybe you think you're into him because of his passion for posteriors or because he has his own doppelgänger who hangs out at New York Fashion Week, confusing people. But this film gives us a whole new reason to love Sisqó. It's enough to have the world clamoring for the musician to turn that side job into a full-time career.