Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses Are A Thing

Beauty vloggers aren't the only ones to get inventive with basic household items like bottle caps or kitchen sponges, which were used as an eyeshadow guide and a DIY beautyblender, respectively. Budding designers and brides-on-a-budget can get creative via the Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Wait… what?

That's right — bridal toilet paper couture is a thing, at least with this contest, which is officially "The 13th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Quilted Northern."

Judging from the pics I've seen of past entries, you really can craft a stunning and wearable dress from this unconventional material.

Those with designer ambitions and/or frugal brides are challenged to create an on-trend wedding dress and accompanying head piece. The caveat? The only tools that can be utilized to create the gown are toilet paper, glue, tape, needles, and thread, according to the press release received by Bustle.

Contest sponsor Quilted Northern, which is like the Taj Mahal of TP, recommends the Ultra Plush or Ultra Soft & Strong varietals. The brand is even offering coupons upon request to offset some of the costs! You can email to grab that discount.

This contest reminds of the fantastic Mychael Knight from an early season of Project Runway. He created a gorgeous white frock from coffee filters. If they had like-to-buy options back then, I'd have nabbed it on the spot. It was that good.

Toilet paper is a pretty delicate, uh, fabric. So creating a walk-down-the-aisle-worthy wedding dress using the material has to be tough. But imagine how whimsical and light-hearted it can be.

Here are the rules. Basically, you plan your design according to the stipulations stated above. Make the dress on a model or mannequin. The dress must be able to be worn by a living, breathing human. Take front, back, and side photos in well-lit conditions. Do not alter them.

Contestants have until 11 p.m. ET on June 5 to submit those photos — there is no entry fee.

Online public voting determines the winner of this couture contest. The grand prize is $10,000. Second place nabs $5000 and third place grabs $2500.

The finale is set for July 20 in NYC, where a panel of experts will select the winning toilet paper creation.

This is the winner from 2016.

This is the 2015 winner.

This is the runner-up from 2015.

I wasn't kidding about the potential of TP wedding gowns.