Here’s What The Tom Tom Staff Will Be Wearing When The ‘Vanderpump’ Hot Spot Opens

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

For better or for worse, Tom Sandoval’s been a sartorial wonder since the beginning of Vanderpump Rules. Some choices have been just fine — the man knows how to pick a suit — and others have been terrible, like the weird cowl neck sweater/shirt-and-tie combination he’s been sporting the one-on-one interviews in Season 6, or the leopard-print shorts suit he wore in Mexico. But Sandoval can dress himself, and it’s a good thing he’s putting all of that knowledge into his new partnership at Tom Tom. The Tom Tom uniforms on Vanderpump Rules are actually looking pretty fine.

I was skeptical when the Bravo producers — er, Lisa Vanderpump — tapped Toms Sandoval and Schwartz to partner with her and Ken on a restaurant, and there were some calamitously stupid decisions made on the part of the Toms during the process, like being a hour late for a big meeting in Las Vegas with Ken and Lisa, or trying to interrupt a very famous restaurant designer to give him their ideas, or taking Jax to Las Vegas in the first place, because Jax. But I have to hand it to Schwartz and Sandoval — Tom Tom seems like it’s moving along. In a preview for the Season 6 finale (it’s been a long season), Sandoval shows off his idea for the uniforms, and Lisa… doesn't hate it.

It’s easy to naysay, but Sandoval really thought about this one! He picked an undershirt that “wouldn’t wrinkle,” which is important, probably because he’s been late for work so many times because he forgot to iron his shirt. It really makes sense. The tie and the vest give off serious hipster vibes, but they go with the feel of the place and the West Hollywood setting — Lisa likes some overwrought glam in her restaurants, and a tie-and-vest is just the thing that says “too much.” Finally, a Tom Tom pin denotes that the wearer works at the bar, saving money on screen-printing and making it all look way more upscale than if you just had the names embroidered or printed on the shirts. Plus, it’s a little bit of shine for the outfit. Who gave him permission?

They look good! And Lisa likes it! “This is really great,” she tells Sandoval, and she’s happy that he took initiative to do something. Honestly, it takes one more thing off her plate.

Right now, Tom Tom is slated for a June 2018 opening, and, besides those awesome uniforms, patrons can expect a lot of unique touches to the restaurant. “We’re finding inspiration everywhere, we’re like sponges soaking up everything we can,” Schwartz told Bustle in an interview earlier this year. “It’s industrial chic, with like, a little mechanical elegance, but it’s not going to feel pretentious. It will be comfy and fun, and it’s going to have awesome artisanal cocktails, with fresh ingredients.” And speaking of cocktails, Sandoval is ready to play with some new toys that he ordered especially for Tom Tom. “I have machines that I can do my own infusions that would normally take 30 days in 30 minutes,” he said. “I have more than one machine that I’m looking at using that freezes alcohol… to where you can take shots off of wooden spoons. This is gonna be alcohol consumption on a whole other level.” I’ll believe Sandoval on this one, because if it’s one thing that the cast of Vanderpump Rules knows how to do, it’s drink.

From the bits and pieces fans have seen, it seems like Tom Tom is really coming together on Vanderpump Rules. Now that the uniforms seem to be crossed off the list (and looking quite nice), let’s hope that the opening is on schedule and ready to bring all kinds of interesting concoctions to the revelers of West Hollywood.