2016's Top Pinned Beauty Trends May Surprise You

If you're a beauty junkie, you probably have many a Pinterest board dedicated to new makeup ideas, beauty products you're dying to try, and hair tutorials for every event you ever plan to attend. Hey, you've probably even pinned some of the top beauty trends of 2016.

But let's be honest — with so many boards, and so many amazing tips available, Pinterest can get pretty overwhelming. As Huffington Post fashion and lifestyle editor Jamie Feldman pointed out, the site offers more than four billion beauty and hair ideas. So really, the more you can narrow them down, the better.

"Thankfully, the team at Pinterest has done some of the work for you by rounding up its top-trending 100 pins of the year in topics like food, travel, and women’s style and beauty, just in time to try some of them out for 2017," Feldman said.

As far as beauty trends go, things like "contouring" and "homemade lip balms" always top the list. But this year a few, more surprising, trends have risen to the top. Read on for the ones in the top five spots. Hopefully it'll make those four billion ideas a little less overwhelming, while helping you to spot your next beauty obsession.

5. DIY Charcoal Masks

It's one thing to buy a charcoal mask from the store. But making your own at home? That's some next-level beauty guru sh*t. With some tea tree oil, activated charcoal pills, and clear aloe, you can have yourself one mighty effective mask.

4. Silver Balayage

According to Feldman, balayage is big, as is grey hair. So it makes perfect sense why grey balayage hair would top the list. Hey, two birds with one stone. Right?

3. Fancy Braided Top Knots

The top knot will never die, but it's definitely been a while since good old-fashioned updos were a thing. And yet, according to Feldman, searches for them are up 125 percent — especially if they include a braid.

2. Chrome Nails

OK, as far as shiny things go, chrome nails pretty much take the cake. This ridiculously stunning manicure trend should be your go-to in 2017. Try it in chrome (obviously), but also go for an iridescent red, or a shocking blue. So pretty.

1. No Heat Hairstyles & Natural Hair

At the top of the Pinterest list are no heat hairstyles and natural hair. "According to Pinterest, interest in air-dried hair has gone way up, with people searching and saving natural hair and shag cuts," Feldman said. This is a total godsend for those of us who have zero patience. Plus, it's good for your hair — and looks amazing.

So, do you find this list kind of shocking? It's definitely a big change from the usual top trends. And yet they're all definitely worth a try.