Pinterest Predicts Top 2016 Beauty & Hair Trends

With only two weeks left of 2015, it's the time of year when the entire internet is caught between reminiscing about this year and predicting what's to come in the next. The latest to join the fray is the Pinterest 100 for 2016, the annual list that compiles predictions of the top ten upcoming trends in everything from hair and beauty to travel. But really, what kind of millennial actually has the time and money to travel? Hair and beauty is where it's at, because A) even Tom Ford lipstick is cheaper than an international plan ticket, and B) a new hairstyle won't eat up your sick days. Though on second thought, with some stylists you run the risk.

Though Pinterest developed its reputation as an imaginary playground for brides, teachers, and exercise junkies, the platform's influence is undeniable. According to Fortune, after reaching 100 million unique users in September, Pinterest announced its plans to make its pins buyable. As 30 million out of Pinterest's 50 billion pins can be linked to purchasable items, we are talking some big(er) money for the $11 billion company. And no, I didn't believe that number either, but the Wall Street Journal confirms it. That is to say, Pinterest's seemingly unsubstantial list actually has some clout in terms of reach and advertising power.

Without further adieu, here are Pinterest's top ten predictions for what we'll be seeing for the next 365 days of beauty and hair.

1. Coffin Nails

Gone are the ubiquitous and somewhat dangerous stiletto nails in favor of coffin nails, which are less likely to poke your eye out.

2. Mermaid Hair Coloring

Though the exact definition of mermaid hair color has yet to solidify, a search of Pinterest's top mermaid hair color pins shows lots of greens, blues, and teals. Since bleaching has the potential to destroy your hair, proceed with caution, or visit a professional.

3. Vintage Hair Brooches

1920s Ivory and Pearl Bridal Hair Comb, $62,

Vintage hair brooches are a quick and chic way to jazz up a hairstyle when it's lacking. Whether you're in the market for an original or a replica, Etsy and its wide range of sellers make it the perfect place to shop.

4. Natural Hair

The natural hair movement is continuing to pick up steam — this year, it was even featured in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Here's to embracing natural texture in 2016.

5. Androgynous Makeup

With the rise of celebrities like Ruby Rose, gender-bending beauty is going mainstream.

6. Men's Fade Haircut

Though not all fades are equal, men's grooming is (finally) gaining traction.

7. Eyebrow Products

This decade is quickly turning into the Age of The Eyebrow. When will it stop?

8. Vintage Grooming Kits

The Art Of Shaving Starter Kit In Sandalwood, $25,

Hey, men's grooming products! Could it be related to the emergence of the lumbersexual lifestyle?

9. The "Adele" Eye

Of course Adele had to make the list somehow.

10. Menicures

Why are these called menicures when man is already in manicure?

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Images: NailCareerEducation/YouTube, Hangingbyathread1/Etsy, Giphy, Courtesy Brands