The Transcript Of Trump's Boy Scouts Speech Is A Must-Read


In a now-infamous speech Monday evening, President Trump delivered a 35-minute address to the Boy Scouts of America at the Boy Scout Jamboree. Touching on crowd size, his win over Hillary Clinton, the "cesspool" of Washington D.C., and "fake news," the transcript of Trump's Boy Scouts speech is a must-read.

Trump's speech was intended to wax lyrical about the importance of scout's honor, according to New York Magazine, but quickly went off-kilter. Apparently believing he was speaking to a group of adults (he was not), Trump thanked the crowd for voting for him, and expanded upon his win with a message about the "beautiful day" that was Election Day. Apropos of nothing, he also took credit for the Boy Scouts being able to use the term "Merry Christmas" later this year, instead of, presumably, a more inclusive term like "Happy Holidays."

Here's the full transcript, courtesy of TIME.