Pasta Hair Clips Exist Because Farfalle Forever

Trine Tuxen

Carb lovers, this one is for you. The Trine Tuxen Jewelry x LuisaViaRoma Italian Dinner collection has accessories that are inspired by pasta dishes. Never has wearing spaghetti looked so chic. Trine Tuxen is an indie Danish brand based in Copenhagen. The entire brand keeps its roots in Nordic Minimalism, so you won't see over-the-top or splashy pieces in its collections. Which means the Italian Dinner line is more delicate and subtle, and will not look like the macaroni necklaces you would make for your mom at camp. LuisaViaRoma is a luxury retailer in Europe that has been around since the late 1800s, and the two joined forces to create a quirky and unexpected line.

The small capsule collection is inspired by Italian cuisine and has three playful pieces. The first one is the Farfalle Hair Clip, which is a modern interpretation of farfalle pasta — or the bow tie pasta. While normally wearing pasta in your hair would be an embarrassing moment if you were out at a restaurant or in shooting range of a toddler, this hair clip is quite chic. The ruffled pasta barrette is made out of brass, but plated in 14k gold. This means you won't have your hair accessory rusting on you after a month of wear. It's also two inches in length, so it's big enough to be a statement piece. To use it, all you have to do is slide the hair clip into your hair to keep it in place. There is no buckle.

The second item in the capsule collection is the Ravioli Necklace. While at first glance that sounds like something a first grader would make for Mother's Day, the Trine Tuxen version is much more luxurious than that.

This necklace is a minimalist interpretation of ravioli, and it looks like a chunky pendant necklace. The charm sits on a 23.5 inch chain, so it hangs low on your chest. The ravioli is hung from the chain at an angle, hanging from its corner. The pasta charm is made from 925 sterling silver, and plated in 14k gold.

If you can't get enough of carbs, then this is a fun trinket to treat yourself with. Wear it to work to inspire you on what to get for lunch, or wear it proudly to a dinner date at an Italian restaurant, unashamed of how on-theme you are arriving to your reservation.

The last addition in the Italian Dinner collection is a pair of earrings. The Conchiglie Hoop earrings are a subtle interpretation of pasta shells. The hoop and trinket are made from 925 sterling silver and plated in 14k gold. If you're not in a carb-loving mood a certain day, you can also take off the pasta shell and just wear the accessory as a simple gold hoop. The only catch is that the earrings are sold individually and not as a pair. So this is the perfect item to experiment with the one-earring trend that has been seen on celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross.

For those who can eat pasta day in and day out, there's no better collection than the Italian Dinner one.