5 Other TV Shows Whaboom Was On Before 'The Bachelorette'

by Victoria McNally
ABC/Paul Hebert

Sometimes contestants appear on The Bachelorette for the “wrong reasons,” which most people define as wanting to become a household name more than you actually want to find love with the show’s star. But is there any contestant in Bachelor Nation history who has been more obviously upfront about wanting attention over romance than Lucas? Ever since he tumbled out of the limo wearing a tank top with his face on it, it’s been clear that the dude is more interested in getting good SEO traffic on his “Whaboom” catchphrase than in getting to know Rachel as a person — and his various acting credits, as well as his previous roles on television, So how many TV shows has Bachelorette star Lucas been on, exactly?

A quick scroll through Lucas’ IMDB page also reveals that the man has certainly been busy; in addition to writing his own IMDB bio (choice quote: “He's a jack of all trades and a master of many! A renaissance man, who has a vision that only the wisest of wise understand.”), he’s also made his resume readily available on the website, which details his many television appearance — although some of them are actually webseries. Listen, I don’t know the first thing about listing your credentials on an acting resume, but are you supposed to put yourself as a “co-star” when you’re a contestant on a dating show?

And then there's his acting reel, which is.... a whole thing. Former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle appears in it briefly, so that's neat! Other than that, it feels mostly like online sketches.

Putting all those the webseries aside, it seems that Lucas has appeared on about nine different TV shows, not including his most recent role on The Bachelorette. Here’s just a small sampling:


According to Yancey’s resume, he once appeared on Excused, a syndicated half-hour dating show that ran for two seasons on CBS (and at least 100 episodes, if Time Warner Cable’s TV Guide is any indication). Hosted by Isla Shlesinger, the show featured a complicated system by which contestants selected suitors to go on dates with them. It’s unclear whether Lucas was a contestant or a suitor, but either way, it’s clear that he has a penchant for dating girls on live television.

'12 Corazones'


As The Hollywood Reporter discovered earlier this month, in 2013 Lucas appeared on the Telemundo dating game show 12 Corazones, which pairs contestants off based on their star signs. That’s right, Lucas appears to be proficient in Spanish. Maybe if he’d tried that on Rachel instead of his whole cheesy Whaboom gimmick, he’d have gotten the first kiss of the season instead of Bryan?


Lucas was featured on an episode of Bullseye, a FOX game show hosted by Twilight’s Kellan Lutz in 2015. It was cancelled after only one season, probably because it only had one gimmick: it was all about trying to land on a bullseye in various odd ways. Lucas was featured on the fifth episode (as “Mustache Man,” for obvious reasons) and did not make it out of the first round. But he did pull out a few Whabooms, thus proving that he didn't just invent this catchphrase for the Bachelorette. Rather, it's more of a Fetch situation where he's been trying to make it happen for years.

This 'Got Milk' Commercial

Not a television show per se, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t alert you to this commercial, where Lucas played the cereal with the milk in it. I am not making this up.

'Ex Isle'

Finally, in 2016 Lucas was a "series regular" on Ex Isle, the We TV show that took on-again, off-again couples and stuck them on an island with a bunch of couples therapists and single contenders. It was on this program where Lucas and his ex-girlfriend Brittney first encountered Blake E., and began a rivalry that now transcends reality television. Also, Lucas clearly left his Whabooms at home for this introduction, during which he describes himself as a “real estate investor.” You know, like a real job!

Now, after years of trying to make it big, it seems that Lucas has finally found his star-making role in The Bachelorette, much to the eternal chagrin of everyone else who's living in the mansion right now. Maybe one day he'll have his own reality show where he can Whaboom to his heart's delight — and then I won't have to watch it.