PSA: There Is A Facebook Page Where UPS Drivers Share Pics Of Dogs From Their Routes

by Megan Grant

Chipotle. Gilmore Girls. Dogs. Three things it's always the perfect time for. And if you woke up in the surliest of moods this morning, good news is here to brighten your day — in the form of the UPS Dogs Facebook page, a page dedicated entirely to the canines that delivery people meet while they're on the job. Drivers share adorably perfect photos of themselves and their new four-legged friends, and the rest of us look on in insane jealously over how much cooler their occupations are than everyone else's.

More often, we've seen the relationship between dog and delivery or mail person depicted as one of hostility and, well, basically, the dog wanting to chew the delivery person's leg off before ultimately chasing them down the street. Forget what you know about this, though, because there's nothing but love here between pooch and person. In fact, some of the dogs show up with their toys, some come looking for kisses, and others arrive dressed to the nines.

Work is ruff (dog jokes!) and life is hectic; making a new furry friend while you're hustling from house to house is sure to make your shift a whole lot better. Honestly, how can you not smile at this adorable dog, who always shows up with their "stick" — aka a small tree trunk — to play fetch with her favorite UPS driver?

Then there's this precious angel who just wanted to practice his driving. Remember to keep those paws at 10 and two, little fella.

UPS driver or irresistibly cute dog? We can't decide. But we know one thing for certain: if this tiny dude ever shows up at our front door with a package, he'll certainly be invited in for biscuits and toilet bowl water.

Tripp is already following in the footsteps of his UPS driver mom, Julie. Delivering important packages clearly runs in the family. Way to make your human proud, Tripp! Now get back to work.

"Excuse me, sir. I must ask you an important question. Is that a milk bone in your hand? If so, why is it not in my mouth?"

Sometimes, it's not a dog that shows up, but something just slightly bigger. Look at what this UPS driver found in the neighhhhhborhood. (See what I did there?)

"I know you've got treats back there. Don't try to hide them from me."

We have just one question: is this standard shipping or do you want to pay extra for overnight delivery?

"Maybe if I'm really quiet... nobody will notice I snuck in here."

This gentle giant is clearly gazing in wonder at the magnificence of his UPS guy. Seriously, how does he always know which house gets which package? It's like he's Santa Claus or something.

Nothing quite beats a dog that is literally smiling. Heck, I'd be smiling too if my UPS guy left a treat on top of my delivery — you know, like a piece of chocolate, or a bottle of wine with a straw.

There's a reason a pooch can warm even the most frigid of hearts. There's a reason June 23 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. There's a reason why every time a germy, smelly dog licks your face, you can't help but smile. It's all because dogs are good for us — mentally and physically. Simply locking eyes with a dog can release more oxytocin in your body (the "cuddle chemical"). They help make your heart stronger. They decrease stress and depression (for kids, too!), and dogs can even help you sleep better. There's no arguing it: dogs are beneficial for your health.

It's not just that, either. We can learn a lot from dogs, too, even if you're not the ultimate dog lover. They're the best at unconditional love. They know how to live life and have fun. They understand the importance of appreciating the little things, like the value of a quality belly rub, or having the opportunity to watch you go pee.

The takeaway is simple: the next time you run into a dog, look at him, smile, scratch his head, maybe let him sniff your crotch for a moment. Both of your days will be better as a result. #Woof