This Bra & Underwear Set Literally Decomposes After You Wear It

by Kali Borovic

You recycle plastic, cans, and paper — but have you ever wondered where your clothing goes after you're done with it? Well, this brand wants you to bury your garments. As the Eco Warrior Princess blog found, The Very Good Bra created a completely compostable bra and underwear set. From the materials used to the design, everything about these items are good for you and the environment. Just buy it, wear it, and then bury it in the ground.

According to the BackerKit website for the innovation, the idea for a zero waste bra and underwear set started with the one woman's journey to find a great wire-free bra. After Stephanie Devine learned more about the production of the bras, her zero-waste fashion business was born. Devine made it her mission to find the most sustainable materials to create an underwear and bra set.

Enter The Very Good Bra. Devine uses eucalyptus Lenzing Tencel, organic, sustainably-farmed tree rubber, organic cotton, and water-based inks to create a bra that is completely compostable. Oh, and it's completely machine washable, so you can throw it in with the rest of your laundry.

“For me this isn’t about one bra, I want to develop a brand to cover a broader, inclusive range of zero-waste, low waste and recycled basics for both men and women,” Stephanie Devine, founder and designer of The Very Good Bra, told Eco Warrior Princess.

The bra and underwear set is available for pre-order right now on BackerKit. You can shop the top for $89.50, and two pairs of bottoms for $85. It's a hefty cost, but some say it's a small price to pay for saving the Earth. In fact, so many people believe in the brand that the project was completely funded in 48 hours, according to the brand's Instagram.

“It’s a great endorsement of the idea, and confirmation that so many people out there are actually prepared to put their money where their mouth is with regard to the environment and sustainability issues," Devine told Eco Warrior Princess.

As of right now, the black bra and underwear are the only color options. They do come in a wide variety of sizes, though. The Very Good Bra offers size 32A to 38D. That isn't exactly as inclusive at it gets, but it's off to a great start.

Courtesy The Very Good Bra

According to the brand's website, this is the world's first zero-waste bra.

“Burying is end of life, so much more of the impact is in the development of the materials for the product and I sleep better at night knowing that Lenzing Tencel production is 99% closed-loop, so the processing of the materials is also low impact," Sevine says.

Zero waste is more than just a fad. As The Very Good Bra's video shares, 40 percent of waste in landfills are clothing. That's a big problem that you can change. All it takes is designers that are willing to make the change and consumers that are willing to join the cause.

Some underwear brands want to give you a great fit. Others want to deliver a sexy experience. The Very Good Bra, however, wants to leave a mark on the world by not leaving even the slightest imprint.