The 'Welcome To Mercy' Trailer Is Full Of Scary Nuns, So Apparently That's A Trend Now

When it comes to horror movies, nuns are very in right now. Case in point: the new trailer for Welcome To Mercy, which includes not just one, but a convent full of creepy nuns trying to help a single mother named Madaline, who may or may not be the next Antichrist. Clearly, Madaline needs more than a few Hail Marys to solve this devilish problem of hers, but can she really trust these nuns to help her?

In Welcome To Mercy, Madaline, played by Kristen Ruhlin – who is also the film's screenwriter – has gone back home to Latvia to mourn her father and see a mother who abandoned her. And while that might make for a tense meeting, it only gets worse once she starts going through stigmata, finding crucifixion wounds scars like the ones Jesus had on her body. Madaline needs help, which is why she ends up in a convent on a remote island where these nuns aren't exactly praising Jesus, but something much more sinister.

The proof of that is in the trailer, in which Ruhlin's Madaline is seen tied to a bed Exorcist-style, being pulled down a well by supernatural forces, and covered in blood as nuns pray over her. She's told she tried to kill her young daughter and that the sisters of Mercy are the only ones who can help her get out of this sunken place. "There's something dangerous inside of you Madaline," one of the nuns says. "And we need to drag it out." Sometimes quite literally, as the trailer shows.

But to do that, it seems they're going to put Madaline through the wringer first. Again, did you see that shot of her being dragged? Not to mention all those questionable crosses? Let's just say everyone should look out for crucifixes, especially ones that have been licked by nuns.

What is clear is that it's hard to know what to believe and the audience might be just as confused as Madaline is about what's really going on here. Is she being lied to? Does her mom have something to do with this? Are the nuns trying to save this demon inside her or actually get rid of it? Perhaps, the creepy voiceover at the end of the trailer says everything we need to know: "You'll find what you need if you look deep enough." Just be careful about the nuns who may follow you down there.

This modern twist on religious horror will be in select theaters and on VOD Nov. 2. and comes after this year's other nunsploitation film, The Nun, which was a prequel to The Conjuring series focused on the demon Valak. Not to mention, The Nun broke box office records with the biggest opening of any film in The Conjuring series, which maybe shouldn't be all that surprising since nuns have been known to scare the bejeezus out of people in films like The Devil Inside, Dark Waters, and last year's Verónica. Yes it appears nun horror is a bit of a trend now.

Welcome To Mercy, directed by Tommy Bertelsen, will once again try to scare people using nuns. From the looks of the trailer, it seems likely they'll definitely succeed.