You'll Never Want To Stop Wearing These Unbelievably Soft Socks

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Your feet deserve to be cozy at all times — which is why the world’s softest socks are made from luxe fabrics and fibers like bamboo, cashmere, Merino wool, or microfiber. All of these different materials are comfortable and soft to the touch to help you relax. Many fabrics can be cozy, but bamboo is my top pick when it comes to the softest socks for everyday wear. Bamboo is not only softer than traditional cotton but this natural fiber is also silky in texture, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear on your feet throughout the day or night. Bamboo should also keep your feet dry, thanks to its absorbent and wicking qualities, and it's good at regulating temperature so you don’t get too hot or cold.

Cashmere and Merino wool work equally well for indoor and outdoor wear, as they’re breathable, super soft, and super warm, but cashmere is warmer and more luxurious in feel, while durable Merino is well-suited for hiking and camping. Finally, if you’re looking for a soft pair of fuzzy socks to wear around the house and don’t mind synthetic fabric, microfiber can deliver that cushiony, slipper-sock feel without making your feet sweat.

Here’s my roundup of the world’s softest socks to wear, whether you’re staying in or going out.

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Low-Cut Bamboo Socks For All Day Wear

The Sunew bamboo socks are soft and durable enough to wear all year long. They’re 80% bamboo and 15% polyester, making them both breathable and resistant to wear and tear. Due to their moisture-wicking properties, you can wear them to work out without worrying about your feet getting wet — if your feet even sweat in the first place. The bamboo fibers should do a pretty solid job regulating the temperature of your feet, and the mesh toe offers some extra breathability. These socks also feature an anti-slip design on the heel to keep them in place, along with a hidden seam that provides a comfortable fit all day long. They come in packs of one, three, and six in a variety of colors.

According to a fan: “These socks are incredibly comfortable and unbelievably soft. They are perfect for working out and exercising in, as they are incredibly absorbent. I would definitely recommend them and will be ordering more myself.”

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


Thin, Silky Bamboo Socks You Can Wear To Work

If you’re looking for a pair of socks with a silky texture that’s also breathable and absorbent, these Serisimple bamboo socks are a great option. The socks are made with an 80% bamboo, 20% nylon fabric blend that's thin enough to look good with dressier clothing in addition to your everyday looks. Due to the bamboo fibers, the socks are odor-resistant and can wick away moisture to keep your feet cool and dry. You can get these socks in packs of assorted pastel colors, black, white, or gray.

According to a fan: “The socks are soft and silky and fit nice, they have a bit of stretch, but they don't crowd my toes together. This is my first try at bamboo socks, and they're nicer than my dress socks. I'm happy with these.”

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large


A Pair Of Fuzzy Microfiber Slipper Socks

These Zando slipper socks are made of super-soft microfiber to keep your feet cozy while you’re sleeping or lounging around at home. They have a plush, fluffy texture and are plenty warm, but they're still lightweight and breathable for all-night wear. You can get these socks in packs of three to eight in a variety of colors and in cute designs ranging from cat paws to patchwork.

According to a fan: “Seriously THE MOST buttery soft, comfiest fuzzy socks ever! I didn’t have higher expectations, but man, I think I may order another pack of these. They are that amazing!”

  • Available sizes: One size


Soft Merino Wool Socks For Outdoor Activities

EnerWear women’s Merino wool socks are made to bring comfort and softness to your feet when you're taking on the outdoors. Merino socks are known for being excellent at regulating temperature and being tough enough for active use, which makes these a solid choice if you plan to wear them while experiencing the joys of nature. The socks are made of 86% extra-fine Merino wool blended with polyester, nylon, and spandex. Whether you're hiking, camping, or kicking it on the sofa, the extra-fine Merino wool fibers prevent irritation and are gentle on your skin. These socks feature a terry-loop cushioning on the soles for additional comfort, and they're sold in a variety of colors and patterns.

According to a fan: “Primary needs were high comfort for walking/hiking all day, extra soft for sensitive, aging feet i.e., no rubbing or toe constriction, foot support, and warmth. I have worn these to walk all day in the boots that will be worn for the trip, and they met all my expectations. The fit was true to size, and the socks were great looking as well.”

  • Available sizes: One size (Size 4-10)


A Pair of Splurge-Worthy Cashmere Socks

If you’re ready to splurge, these Cashmere Boutique cashmere socks are some of the softest you'll find. These luxe socks are 100% cashmere, making them super soft and smooth to the touch. Cashmere is known for feeling luxuriously lovely on the skin and for being ultra-warm, so these are the ultimate for winter wear.

The socks are available in black, brown, and gray, which means they'll go with just about everything.

According to a fan: “I love these socks!! Warm, soft, perfect. Will certainly purchase more.”

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium - Large/Extra large