The Worst First Dates In Movie History

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I go to the movies to escape from real life, but also to see my own reflected back at me. And I don't think I ever feel more connected to a movie character than when he or she is enduring one nightmare of a first date. Everyone has them. You don't know if you click with someone until you try, and that adventurousness can result in some seriously awkward evenings. Of course, in some of the movies on this list, the circumstances are what I'd call extenuating: family schemes, body-switching, time travel, and sociopathic murderers, just to name a few bumps in the road. But bumbling Hollywood romances makes me feel better about myself and I hope they do the same for you. So keep clicking through to see the 33 worst first dates in movie history.

I should point out that many of the relationships in this gallery actually work out in the end. An uncomfortable start doesn't necessarily indicate a complete mismatch. Sometimes it's a confidence thing or a warning sign for friends being way too involved. And sometimes a really disastrous date is a sign to run away as fast as you can and never look back. Here's to all those characters who put themselves out there, even when their attempts turn out like this.

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