There's Only One Marvel Movie Coming Up In 2019 After 'Avengers: Endgame' & Here's Why

Marvel fans know that there are two major films on the way for comic book lovers: Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The two Marvel movies coming up in 2019 have drawn plenty of attention, most notably because there's so much secrecy surrounding Endgame and what will happen, but also because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a dependable source of entertainment in the theaters.

Endgame will be released on April 26, and Far From Home, the follow up to Spider-Man: Homecoming, will hit theaters on July 5. But aside from those two movies (and the upcoming Disney+ spinoff Marvel series), it's not super clear where the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go from here. And Marvel Studios has held back on revealing much info until these next two movies are released, so as not to spoil anything.

Right now, fans know that Far From Home will take place after Endgame. Peter Parker, along with many of his fellow superheroes, died (or "dusted") at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. But it looks like he'll be coming back to life in Endgame, although how he returns, as well as the fate of the others, remains a mystery.

Back in January, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told IGN that the Spider-Man sequel will see Parker's attempt to "go back to a normal life" after the two most recent Avengers movies. He's still in high school, after all, so his post-Endgame experience will be markedly different from that of his fellow superheroes.

And as for what will happen after that, well, there are plenty of Marvel movies planned for the next few years. But fans don't know about any of them just yet. Feige also told IGN in April that Marvel won't announce its future plans until after Far From Home is released. That includes confirmation of anticipated sequels to Black Panther and Captain Marvel — presumably, they're happening, but Marvel hasn't confirmed it yet.

"We're gonna keep making movies. We're gonna still keep making movies after these two," Feige told IGN. "And we will talk about them soon after Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out."

That's not exactly a ton of information for fans to go on for the next few months. But at least July isn't too far away, because it sounds like there will be plenty of exciting news about future Marvel projects on the way this summer.

And in terms of the broader scope of Marvel-inspired movies, there are two X-Men films scheduled for release this year. There's Maisie Williams' The New Mutants, which will hit theaters on August 2, and Sophie Turner's Dark Phoenix, which will be released on June 7. Unfortunately for MCU fans, those aren't a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe specifically, so they won't be affected by the Endgame storyline, nor will they advance the franchise's massive narrative.

There's no guarantee which characters (other than Spider-Man, evidently) will live to see the end of Avengers: Endgame. But fans can at least rest assured knowing that Marvel Studios is planning more movies, even if they haven't been announced just yet.