These 11 Problems At Work May Mean It's Time For A New Job

If you've been noticing a few red flags at work, or feeling like your current job isn't a good fit, you're probably right. And if you decide it's not something you can deal with, it's certainly OK to begin the process of moving onto a job within your current field, or a new career entirely.

Because really, life is too short to put up with a job that feels toxic, unethical, or unfulfilling. "As a society, we spend most of our life working, and it's ridiculous to keep assuming that enjoying your job is a 'luxury,'" career expert and resume architect Rachele Wright tells Bustle. "Work is certainly work and not everything you do is going to make you giddy with excitement, but you should feel passionate about the work that you're doing and motivated to keep doing it ... You shouldn't feel guilty for wanting a new position that makes you feel determined and fulfilled."

So, how can you start making moves towards a more fulfilling job? "Most people would say to dust off and update the resume, but I actually recommend [you] sit down, [put] pen to paper, and reflect," career expert and coach Emily Liou, founder of Cultivitae tells Bustle. "What is it that is lacking in the role? What do you really need to be happy? What does success look like to you? Make sure you communicate these needs to your current employer; they might surprise you with their accommodations to your requests."

But if you can't make it work, or your job is truly dragging you down, don't be afraid to look for something new. Here are some signs it may be time to do just that, according to experts.