14 Ivanka Trump Tweets That Are So Ironic Now

by Priscilla Totiyapungprasert
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After riding on the coat tails of nepotism to an official White House job, Ivanka Trump has had a hell of a time assuaging her dad's controversial public persona. While critics have blasted Trump for his open belligerence and lack of savvy in foreign affairs, Ivanka is seen as the poised and more progressive half of the father-daughter duo. And while Trump's tweets range from angry attacks on peaceful protestors and the media to completely nonsensical (covfefe, anyone?), Ivanka's tweets come across as ironic when they clash with the president's views.

But first, some context on Ivanka: The mother of three reportedly swayed Trump on family leave policy and has been working quietly behind the scenes to guide her father in the White House, even sitting in on meetings with world leaders (like at the G20 summit). This is despite the fact that, like Trump, her background in politics and policymaking prior to the 2016 Election is woefully nonexistent. The same can be said for husband Jared Kushner, who was minted a senior adviser to the President and White House Innovations Director this year.

Ivanka herself claims to be a feminist, a champion for working women and mothers, as indicated by her self-help book Women Who Work. On top of running her own fashion line under the Ivanka Trump brand, Ivanka has also supported humanitarian and educational causes over the years — from combating human trafficking to closing the skills gap and promoting women in STEM fields. Journalists have gone as far as proclaiming Ivanka the "real" First Lady in Washington.

But for all her smooth talk, Ivanka has done little to denounce Trump's plans to hurt the people she supposedly wants to empower. Her positive words and activities can't be ignored, and true, she and her father are not one in the same. But there's often a tinge of irony surrounding her statements when you consider her complicity in boosting the Trump administration. Or non-responses in times when we need the president to step up.

Cue: a lot of unintentionally ironic tweets.


Ivanka Calls Out Charlottesville Neo-Nazis Before President Trump Does

Following the racist violence and death that erupted at the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Ivanka took to Twitter to condemn the radical right — something her father didn't do, instead blaming "both sides" for Charlottesville. It took Trump a full two days before he would specifically condemn neo-Nazis, the Klu Klux Klan, and white supremacists. Even then, he added in a later statement that both sides were violent.


An Old Tweet Takes On A New Meaning

An innocuous tweet from 2014 about her husband letting their daughter eat a donut for breakfast caught on more recently, thanks to some coincidental wording. Namely: "Jared is so busted!" Kushner attended the Trump Jr.-Russian lawyer meeting that's at the center of investigations accusing the Trump team of working with Russia to rig the election. Investigators have reportedly focused their attention on the Trump campaign's digital operation, led by Kushner, which is suspected of coordinating with Russia to unleash fake news targeting swing states. None of the accusations have been proven, so far. Both Kushner and Donald Trump have denied collusion with Russia, although Kushner admitted he met with the Russian lawyer.


Ivanka & Trump Share Antithetical Comments On Refugees

Ivanka's inoffensive tweet on World Refugee Day called for peace and an end to what the UN calls the largest refugee crisis in history. More than a year prior, Trump tweeted an anti-refugee cartoon photoshopped with him denying entry to Syrians fleeing their civil war. Trump made good on that promise and this year enacted a travel ban on visa applicants from mainly Muslim countries, including Syrian refugees.


Honoring & Defunding Libraries Are Not The Same

While libraries indeed take their visitors to the world of knowledge, learning, and reading, Trump saw little value in this when drafting his budget. His proposal allocates zero funding to the Institute for Museum and Library Services, which distributes grants to state and local libraries.


Religious Tolerance For A Select Few

If only Ivanka could get through to dad, who infamously called for a Muslim ban and said shutting down mosques might be an appropriate response to terrorism.


No Love For the T In LGBTQ

"Immense contributions to our society" ... such as defending our country? Unfortunately, Ivanka's statement rings hollow when two months later the Trump administration banned transgender people from serving in the military.


Equal Pay ... JK!

Also just in time for Equal Pay Day, Trump revoked the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order, an Obama-era initiative to help make sure businesses that receive federal contracts do a better job following labor and civil rights laws.


When You're a Multimillionaire But Can't Pay Your Interns

Ivanka and Kushner are worth up to $740 million. It's no wonder she caught some flak then for getting unpaid interns to write about how they survive without a paycheck.


Of All The Quotes To Misattribute ...

The Trump administration doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to peddling the facts (The New York Times created a nifty list tracking all of Trump's lies), so it's somewhat fitting that 1) she tweeted a rather unscientific quote about changing facts and 2) she misattributed it to the oft cited Albert Einstein. Her father isn't the only one to twist facts, though. She also claimed once that 1 million new jobs had been created since the Trump inauguration. Fact-checking teams might beg to differ on the number of jobs Trump created.


Vocal Support, But Not Financial Support

Ivanka and Trump might have been all smiles with members of the biomedical community, but Trump's 2018 budget proposal actually cuts funding to biomedical research.


They Can Dish It, But They Can't Take It

Ivanka re-tweeted this video of her interview where she expresses surprise at the vitriolic response against President Trump. Which led some people to ask, "Has she met her father?" This is the same man who called Mexican "rapists" and tweet-attacks his critics.


But Who's Listening?

Nice advice for business, but politics can be less about listening and more about tuning out facts, it seems. "I just choose not to listen," one Trump loyalist said when the Associated Press spoke to the President's supporters in New York.


A Tense Relationship

While Ivanka praised Merkel for her leadership, the German Chancellor's relationship with Trump was probably less than rosy. Both leaders have criticized each other and once thought he was insulting Hillary Clinton by calling her "America's Angela Merkel."


When You Say You're A Feminist But Help Elect A Non-Feminist To Office

People go back and forth on Ivanka's feminism — from calling her a faux feminist to calling Ivanka's critics the bad feminists. In an interview with Fox News, Citizens United chairman David Bossie described her critics as left-wing feminists who are "only feminists when it affects their checkbook."

Regardless of people's thoughts on the matter, Ivanka herself has been public about it: At a G20 event in Berlin, the moderator asked, "Are you a feminist?" To which, Ivanka responded with a "Yes." Ivanka has also said on a separate occasion that her father surrounded her with strong female role models growing up and that Trump is a feminist.

Ivanka presumably wants to be viewed as her own person. It must get tiring to always be associated with your dad, and constantly defending his actions. But since she's plays a role in his administration, it comes with the territory

Ivanka's Twitter is filled with pages upon pages of politely crafted pro-women tweets (she retweeted an article about ending child marriages; that's something we can all agree on). But actions speak louder than words. She also hashtags #MAGA and promised American women that a Trump presidency would help them. So far Ivanka has done little to stop her father from enacting contradictory policies that could hurt women and unfortunately for her, the receipts are piling up.