These 17 'You' Tweets About Watching The Show Are So Spot On, It's Downright Scary


When it comes to exciting new thrillers, it's impossible not to be just a little obsessed with Lifetime's new series You. Based on Caroline Kepnes' novel of the same name, the show chronicles the twisted love story of Joe and Beck, while also highlighting how easy it is to stalk someone in a social-media-centric world. Now that the show has made its way to Netflix, its popularity (much like Joe's infatuation with Beck) continues to grow. In fact, fans can't stop tweeting about You and the commentary is so spot on, it's downright scary.

Whether you find yourself eerily drawn to Joe against all odds, knowing full well what he's capable of, or you can't get over Beck's lack of curtains in her apartment, there's no doubt that this series has definitely left you with some thoughts. And since social media plays such a big part in the narrative, it's only appropriate that fans have taken to Twitter to express their feelings on the matter. (Because what better way to share your concerns about social media than on a social media platform?) So if you've already marathoned your way through the entire season, take comfort in knowing that you aren't the only one grappling with certain aspects of the story. Much like Beck insider her curtain-less apartment, you'll never feel more seen.

1. You Is Pretty Little Liars 2.0

Joe, meet A. A, meet Joe.

2. The First Stage Of Watching You: Denial

You know it's wrong, but you just can't help yourself.

3. The Doubt That Maybe Joe Isn't So Bad

A man who does laundry and cuts toxic friends out of your life? Maybe it's worth a little murder.

4. This Accurate Viewing Experience

Don't lie, you totally shipped Joe and Beck during a few scenes.

5. The Reaction To Joe Judging Peach

Apparently it's cool for Joe stalk Beck's every move and steal her possessions, but when Peach does it, it's creepy. That logic seems foolproof.

6. This Super Accurate Meme Usage

Pot, meet kettle.

7. This Tragic Observation

This is so accurate it hurts.

8. The Realization That Peach Salinger Is A Mood

She may have had plenty of faults, but this statement in itself almost fully redeems her actions. Almost.

9. The Moment You Becomes The Office

If only Michael Scott had been there to help mediate.

10. How You Felt After Pretty Much Every Single Scene

If you aren't constantly yelling at Beck through your TV screen while watching Season 1, you're doing it wrong.

11. You Gets The Bird Box Treatment

That's cold, Paco. Really, really cold.

12. The Post-You Trauma

BRB, have to go into hiding forever.

13. #JusticeForKarenMinty

Joe and Beck could be pretty terrible at times, but there's no denying that Karen was downright awesome. Credit where credit's due.

14. Seriously, Karen Saw This All Coming

15. Curtains. That's It. That's The Tweet.

You live on the ground floor of an apartment building, Beck. Go out and buy some curtains, please, for all of our sakes!

16. The Eerie Observation That You Is Just A Gossip Girl Sequel

Dan Humphrey basically is Joe Goldberg, right?

17. The Wait For Season 2 Has Begun

Seriously, we need this in our lives already. Let's get a premiere date on the books ASAP!

Hopefully Joe isn't seeing any of these tweets! Although, he'd probably be flattered to see just how many people are now in love with a serial killer. Then again, you never know!