These 39 Clever Products On Amazon Under $25 Are About To Sell Out

There's a feeling you get when you discover a magical product only to realize everyone else has stumbled upon its brilliance as well. These 40 clever products on Amazon under $25 are about to sell out — which may create both panic and worry, because the last thing you want is to add your email address to a waiting list.

But there's good news: these innovative items are still available, which means you have time to stock up before they become mainstream.

It's difficult to imagine a single useful product on this list not coming in handy at some point. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, cooking tools like non-stick silicone baking mats, a jar opener that you can mount and that opens stubborn lids with ease, and a dedicated meat chopper are all golden.

If beauty and personal grooming are more your speed, look no further than a rotating makeup organizer that fits all of your brushes, compacts, and lipsticks, a facial steamer kit that includes extraction tools to safely remove blackheads, and a cooling gel eye mask that works equally well for puffy eyes and headaches.

And there are plenty of random finds, too — like a milk frother than creates lattes and a cherry stoner that removes pits in a flash.

Snag a few of these amazing items — fast — because word is out about their brilliance and they may not last.


The Facial Steaming Kit That Comes With Extraction Tools

Give yourself the ultimate at-home spa treatment with a deep pore-cleansing session, courtesy of this facial steamer kit. The kit includes a fast-acting steamer that delivers a fine mist, four extraction tools for safely removing blackheads and popping pimples, and an adorable kitty cat headband to pull your hair back.


A Smart WiFi Plug That Lets You Set Up Schedules For Lights & Appliances

This smart WiFi plug can be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and via the Kasa app, where you can set up schedules for appliances and lights and save a ton of money on your electric bill. The plug is compatible with iOS and Android and will ensure you never worry about leaving the house with the coffee maker — or a hundred lights — left on.


This Relaxing Battery-Operated Head And Neck Massager

Release tension from a tight neck or head with this simple, effective battery-operated head massager, designed with soft resin fingers that provide 8,500 micro-vibrations per minute. The handheld tool works at the simple push of a button and targets trigger points to soothe headache and sinus pains — but also gives one heck of a relaxing massage.


A Wall Mount That Even Has A Cradle For Your Phone

This brilliant wall charger turns any outlet into one with two additional USB capabilities — and also features a cradle so you can easily keep your phone there while it's charging. It even works faster than traditional USB chargers, and is easy to take with you anywhere. No installation required, either: just plug it into any traditional outlet.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Protect Hands And Wrists

Protect your hands and wrists while you prep food or create a DIY masterpiece with these cut-resistant gloves, made from the highest level of protective, food-safe material. The gloves come in four sizes for the perfect snug fit and they're machine washable. They're four times stronger than leather, and thee are even machine-washable.


The Single-Serve Coffeemaker That Comes With A Travel Mug

Most coffee makers are great — for brewing several cups. But if your goal is to whip up a great cup of coffee for yourself, this single-serve coffeemaker is the gadget you need. It brews coffee right into a 15-ounce travel mug with a handle and tight lid that you can take with you. It has a compact design that's ideal for small spaces and features an automatic shut-off. One reviewer wrote: "Great little one-cup coffee maker! I love that I can put in whatever kind of coffee I like, in the amount I like, and then have my coffee brewed right into my coffee mug. I dash in some half and half before starting and don't even have to bother stirring!"


These Plug-In LED Night Lights With Dusk-To-Dawn Sensors

Find your way in the dark and illuminate shady closets and hallways with these plug-in night lights, which have dusk-to-dawn sensors and turn off when they aren't needed, saving you money in the long run. The six pack of lights come in daylight white and warm white.


A Supportive Memory Foam Knee Pillow For Better Spinal Alignment

Stash this memory foam wedge pillow between your knees or against your lower back to provide better spinal alignment and support where you need it. The high-density contour pillow comes with a zippered cover that is breathable and can be tossed in the washing machine. It's made from 100% memory foam, too, so it's comfortable and won't flatten over time.


An Acupressure Recovery Trio Of Massage Balls

This trio of massage balls that target acupressure points help relieve pain, tightness, and discomfort in your feet, legs, and back that result from conditions like plantar fasciitis or just run-of-the-mill muscle aches. The set comes with one texturized roller (perfect for feet) and two spiky balls that are portable and versatile.


These Stick-On Motion Sensory Lights For Closets And Basements

These fuss-free motion sensor lights stick onto walls in dark closets, basements, pantries, and wherever you need them using sturdy 3M tape. The lights have three modes: on, off, or auto, and you can even charge them with a USB cable to keep them constantly powered.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That You Don't Have To Touch

If it sounds counterintuitive to touch a soap dispenser and get your germs on the very gadget that's supposed to help remove germs, it is — but this touchless, automatic soap dispenser solves that problem. The battery-operated dispenser has an adjustable volume switch that lets you determine how much or how little soap you need. And it comes in three colors: silver, antique copper, and dark gunmetal.


This Twistable Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Supports Your Neck And Head

Twist this versatile travel pillow into any contortion you need to prop up and support your head, neck, and shoulders — or even place it on your lower back. The bendable pillow has a removable, washable cover and a snap closure so you can conveniently tie and secure it around your luggage. Reviewers even use this to sleep in their own beds: "I've used it for two nights now and have had a great night's sleep without any pain in the morning. Definitely worth it for me to buy."


The Mountable Jar Opener That Releases Stubborn Lids With Ease

This jar opener can be attached to pantry and cabinet ceilings with self-adhesive tape or screws (both included). With it, you can finally open the most stubborn, tight jar lids with practically no effort. It works on lids of all sizes — from mason jars to nail polish bottles — and is particularly helpful if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel.


A Travel Steamer That Heats Up Fast And Won't Drip

Keep clothing free of wrinkles when you're traveling — without making a mess all over your hotel room. This handheld fabric steamer packs like a dream in your luggage, heats up in 60 seconds, won't drip and leak, and it provides nine continuous minutes of steam action before it has to be refilled.


These Silicone Baking Mats That You Can Wash In The Dishwasher

This trio of baking mats is made from food-safe silicone and require not even a drop of oil or butter to keep dough from sticking. They're heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, fit perfectly on baking sheets, and are safe in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer.


The chopping tool that breaks chopped meat into small pieces

Break chopped meat into small, 1-inch pieces without a fork or cumbersome spatula. This meat chopper is designed specifically for the job of getting through to tough meat (though it does an incredible job chopping potatoes and other veggies, as well). The tool comes in three colors, is dishwasher-safe, and can be hung for storage. It's safe for use in non-stick pans as well.


An Easy-To-Use Cherry Stoner That Removes Pits

There's one thing standing in between you or guests and delicious cherries: annoying pits, which force you to find some elegant way of removing them from your mouth. But this cherry stoner gets rid of pits fast so that you can prep that plate of fruit or use the sweet treat in recipes like pies. It has a comfy handle and is dishwasher-safe.


The Milk Frother With Art Stencils That Inspires You To Create Amazing Drinks

Anyone can make coffee — but with this milk frother, which comes with 16 art stencils, you can whip up incredible lattes and cappuccinos and leave a creative stamp on them to make guests smile. The rechargeable frother features two stainless steel whisks and three speeds. It works great for really fluffy scrambled eggs, too.


This Coffee Mug Warmer That Works Up To 9 Hours

So you started that cup of coffee, but can't finish it because work or meetings are getting in the way. This typical scenario doesn't have to get in the way of enjoying that cup — rest your drink on this coffee mug warmer and program it to a set time (anywhere between one and nine hours). The best part: this warmer is designed intelligently so that it only heats up when it detects a mug on its surface.


A Pumice Stone Cleaner With A Handle That Works On So Many Surfaces

Tackle cleaning jobs as diverse as toilet bowls, barbecue grills, and stone surfaces with this unique pumice stone cleaner, which has a handle and is much denser than most cleaning products — which means it will last longer and save you more money. The cleaner won't scratch surfaces and is powerful enough to remove calcium, lime, and hard-water stains.


The Gel-Filled Cushion That Keeps You Cool

With three layers of both springy memory foam and cooling gel, this supportive cushion protects your lower back and bottom without trapping heat inside and making you feel sweaty. This extra-firm cushion is contoured to fit your body — and the non-slip bottom means you can use this on any surface, including fabric and leather.


A Pineapple Corer That Creates Diced Fruit Rings

Make pineapple fruit rings and slice and dice that difficult-to-prep — but super delicious — fruit with this stainless steel pineapple corer. Remove the top of your pineapple, insert the tool and twist the ratchet, and fun rings emerge like magic. The corer has a detachable handle that makes it simple to clean (and it's dishwasher-safe).


An Essential Oil Diffuser With Color-Changing Lights

A few drops of essential oil in this classic wooden aromatherapy diffuser are all you need to fill your room with an invigorating or soothing scent. The diffuser boasts seven color-changing lights that are perfect for creating a mood or serving as the most fun nightlight you've ever owned. It has three programmable timers, 15 modes, and an automatic shut-off function so it won't burn out.


These Himalayan Salt Blocks That Help Relieve Foot Discomfort

A naturally healing detox treatment for aching, fatigued feet, these Himalayan salt blocks help draw out toxins and can relieve discomfort associated with arthritis and other conditions. Simply rest your feet on the blocks (after popping them in the oven or microwave to slowly heat up), watch a TV show or two and, according to reviewers, you'll find soothing comfort.


A Comforter That Keeps You Warm And Cozy

Talk about a great investment — this all seasons comforter keeps you warm and comfy whether it's a cold night in February or a slightly chilly Saturday in May. The quilted duvet has plush microfiber fill and box-style stitching that ensures its filling doesn't shift around. It comes in twin, queen, or king sizes. One reviewer writes: "This comforter is amazing! Incredibly soft and fluffy...and my (sensitive) family has had zero issues with allergies. You cannot beat the price either."


The Perfect Leggings With Deep Enough Pockets For Your Phone

Consider these the perfect warm leggings for chillier days (and they're especially perfect for cold running). Lined with insulating fleece, these high-waisted leggings have two deep pockets that are roomy enough to fit your phone, keys, and cards. They feature sturdy interlock stitching and come in four sizes and 15 colors.

  • Available sizes: S-XL


This Cold Gel Eye Mask That De-Puffs Eyes And Alleviates Headaches

A pill-free alternative when you feel that nasty sinus headache or migraine building up, wearing this gel eye mask for a few minutes can alleviate pain and make you feel more rested. The adjustable mask, which can be chilled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave, is also a fast, effective solution for allergies, dry eyes, pink eye, and tired, puffy eyes.


A Cleansing Brush That Comes With 5 Brush Heads For Clear, Glowing Skin

This one cleansing brush does it all — it provides a deep cleaning treatment, exfoliates dead skin, and it can even remove embedded blackheads for clear, bright skin. The waterproof brush comes with five interchangeable brush heads, including a pumice stone head for calluses and a large body brush — giving you a full-body cleansing treatment.


This Disposable Pack Of Toothbrushes For Simpler Travel

Perfect for travel, this pack of 24 miniature disposable toothbrushes come already prepared with freshening beads so that you can brush without having to rinse. The peppermint-flavored toothbrushes also feature a pick on one side that can be used in place of floss.


These Shoe Bags That Have Drawstring Closures

Instead of sticking your shoes in plastic bags or attempting to pack them alongside clothing without thinking about how many germs are being transferred in the process, simplify the packing process with these shoe bags. The pack of 10 bags include five large and five extra-large bags that fit a variety of shoes and can be cinched close with a drawstring. They have a transparent window that provide a hassle-free way of finding what you need.


The Set Of Space-Saving Bags That Compress To Fit Your Luggage

You'll gain an incredible 300% more space in luggage when you pack your items in these compression travel bags, which come with five large and five jumbo bags. You won't need a vacuum or pump, they have an air and watertight seal that keeps bugs and moisture out, and they're simple to roll. Use them on your next trip, but also as a great storage solution for seasonal items.


A Versatile Facial Hair Trimmer For Unwanted Peach Fuzz And Brows

If facial hair is bothering you, there's no need to stress: this amazing facial hair trimmer does it all, including removing peach fuzz and grooming brows. The battery-operated tool features a pivoting head that follows the contours of your face and it comes with two replaceable eyebrow trimmers.


An Ice Melting, Flower Fertilizing Tool That Makes Big Jobs Easy

Some household chores just seem more daunting — like having to de-salt dangerous, icy pavement or properly fertilize gardens so that they grow well. But they needn't be stressful because tools like this spot spreader make it a breeze to spread salt, seeds, and fertilizer. The spreader has multiple adjustable openers that can accommodate any material.


This pH Accuracy Tester For Drinking Water, Pools & Aquariums

If you have a pool or aquarium, you know how important it is to maintain the perfect PH level — and the same holds true for drinking water. This pH accuracy tester is all you need to test levels to precise measurements. It has a built-in auto temperature compensation feature that accounts for different water temps.


A Supportive Back Pillow For Long Travel And Work Days

There's not much you can do when it comes to duties that involve travel or work — but if sitting around all day is killing your back, slip this lumbar pillow against your lower back to provide cushiony support. The pillow is made from memory foam, which retains its shape, and breathable mesh, with an adjustable strap that you can secure to car or office seats.


The Mop And Bucket That Lets You Wet And Dry Your Mop

Boasting a flawless five-star rating, this mop and bucket is ideal for practically every hard surface you can imagine, from hard wood and vinyl to bamboo and cement. The rotatable, washable, and reusable microfiber pad mop picks up dirt and debris with ease and the roomy bucket features two holes at the bottom for easier draining and hands-free wash/dry compartments at top.


This Rotating Makeup Organizer That Fits Everything

There are enough compartments on this rotating makeup organizer carousel to fit all of your makeup, even if you're the biggest beauty fanatic of them all. The 360-degree spinning organizer features seven adjustable racks that can hold everything from cleansers and brushes to lipstick tubes. It comes in black or white and is easy to wipe down and wash.


A Multipurpose Zester For Citrus, Cheese, And Chocolate

Once you add this quality zester to your cooking toolbox, you'll find a million good reasons to use it constantly. The stainless steel zester has super-sharp grating blades that work fast to grate and ground foods like lime, lemon, cheese, chocolate, ginger, and more.


An Oven Mitt With A Special Protective Shield For Arms

Slip this double oven mitt on and feel especially safe, thanks to an attached fabric barrier that protects arms from burns. The extra-long mitt is made from 100% soft cotton and comes in a number of colors. It's dishwasher-safe, too.

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